PES Day 2020: CE Thalassery SB Chapter, Kerala, India

How to make it perfect? COVID19 Mask Preparation:

A very timely initiative of mask preparation training was offered by the CE THALASSERY SB Chapter in association with Dream Tech Innovation. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Govt. informed that everyone should use mask while going outside the house. However, due to the unavailability of mask and its increasing price, it was decided to offer an introductory training class on preparing a mask perfectly. Considering the lockdown situation, the training program was pre-recorded and the video was sent through WhatsApp application to the intended participants. Mr. Anurag who is an active social worker demonstrated the procedure of making the mask in a very effective way. We got very positive feedback of the training program. We received some images of the mask which were made by the people and students after seeing the video and they informed that they will circulate this video and also will teach others of their village how to make it.

Challenge on Making Automatic Hand Sanitizer

Student branch and PES SB chapter conducted a challenge on making automatic hand sanitizer on 1st April 2020, which was given to the college SB by IEEE KS. In this situation of COVID19, automatic hand sanitizer plays a very important role to reduce the effect of virus to spread on us by our direct contact. The program was managed by 2020 SB Chair Annlee Fores and PES SB Chapter Chair Pavith Sudhir. A total of 15 members participated in the program. Attendees were fully concentrated to entire program and they had done a massive challenge. Due to the lock down situation the program was conducted through zoom meet and WhatsApp group chat.

Online Discussion Sessions on COVID19 Pandemic

On 28th March 2020 in association with Dream Tech motivating talks on confident building in regular study and dealing with COVID -19 were conducted through a whatsapp group chat. The speakers of this program was Ms. Vyshak, who is presently focusing on the research on the empowerment of student and their contribution to make changes in the society. And also Mr. Dinil who gave a wonderful training on aptitude tests. The presenters discussed the importance of positive thinking and attitude which brings optimism into life and such constructive changes can make one brighter and more successful. The three hours program included talking as well as training and aptitude gaming sessions. A total of 30 members participated in the program. The program was fully active and encouraging one. Earlier on 20th March Ms. Vyshak delivered a talk on COVID-19 lockdown and Indian environment where there were about 40 participants.

On 1st April SB Chapter in association with tech world conducted an online discussion session on survival post corona virus with a view to share tips, spread awareness and educate student community about the pandemic. 20 students took part in this activity. The program was handled by Asst. Prof Ashitha T.


On 15th March a Poster Designing Competition on renewable energy was held. On 29th March an Editography Contest were organized in association with Tellichery picturesque and the prize was decided by SB Counselor Binesh K. In each case there were 30 participants. On 4th May Quiz Competitions were organized on various topics.