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Hermann Koch, IEEE Fellow, PES-GB Member at Large Standards

Standards Update: PES Standards are major contributions to IEEE and they are growing

It is my great honour, serving as Member at Large for Standards in the IEEE PES Governing Board for the last five years and being able to contribute for development of standardization activities in PES. During this time sequence focus was given to develop new standards activities in China and India, co-operate with NERC to map requirements, set up a strategic plan, educational program and improve the standards developing process with IEEE-SA Technical Advisory Board (TAB), prepare webinars on technical standards and to set up a standards promotion for PES ebulletin.

The development of technical standards is increasing since years driven by the technical developments of digitalization, renewable energy, ecological requirements and with new industry entering the PES market. Digitalization of power equipment and network is adding requirements with sensors, communication protocols and network operation. Renewable energy is transferring the classical top down network from generations to consumer into a network matrix of generation and consumers at all voltage level. For these tutorials have been created and presented world-wide to support this process. And promote PES standards.

Strong input from China and India through the IEEE-SA entity type of standardization process required close and strong coordination with the existing PES standards by a new established task force at the PES Council. Several new proposals for new standards (PAR) have been coordinated and supported by PES.

In the Technical Advisory Board (TAB) of IEEE-SA contributions are made to set up an educational process for promoting the standards development competences of IEEE. In five adhoc groups for response evaluation, methodology, metrics, standards, sustainable process, education and professed interest. A fund by IEEE-SA has been established to motivate Societies and Councils for standardization in IEEE together with lead conferences in new technical fields and merging technologies. This will help to find new interest in the industry for IEEE standardization. Standards process education resources have been collected to provide a set of information files for technical conferences.

The joint task force of NERC and IEEE PES has developed a mapping system on NERC requirements in PES standards. It was found that 71 of the close to 600 PES standards are relevant to NERC today. The status will be monitored on annual basis.

To promote new or revised PES standards and make them known to the industry several webinars have been developed by experts from working groups and were presented at chapters or conferences around the world. In these webinars technical details are explained on what is new and what has changed.

Since this year promotion on new and revised standards is published in ebulletin with a short explanation on the standard title and content to inform industry. Contact information is given get access to the standard or to contact chair of the working group responsible for the standard.

Standardization in PES is important today and will increase importance in future with all the technical developments going on. Standardization is getting more complex, not only equipment requires standards but also technical systems need standardization for well function of technical equipment and to bring benefit to humanity, the big goal of standardization.

Hermann Koch, IEEE-Fellow, PES Member at Large Standards