Bikash Pal, IEEE, Vice President Publications

Success in PES Publications: An Outcome of the Best Intentions of the Authors and the Readers

Timeliness in new initiatives and engagements:
The value of well in advanced dissemination of information could not be appreciated more in any other time than now while the whole world fights COVID-19 for survival. Our 2020 success in Power & Energy Society (PES) publications resulted from a series of new initiatives and stake holder’s engagement we took in 2018-2019. 2019 was the year of Open Access (OA) initiatives. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) developed a strategy to seize the leadership in OA publication space in the Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) discipline. Besides continuing with hybrid journals, a society-based OA journal and a society-based section in IEEE ACCESS were proposed. Unlike most of the IEEE Societies and Councils (S/C) PES went with both options of a new society journal as well as a PES Section in IEEE ACCESS. 2020 is the year for PES to build on these two initiatives. As of March 21, the PES section has published 36 out of 285 submissions. There are 10 dedicated editors for this section, 3 of whom are female. I would like to thank them for doing a brilliant job of peer review for papers submitted in this section. Please consider submitting technical articles there. IEEE Power and Energy Technology Systems Journal (PETS-J) has been succeeded by the IEEE Open Access Journal of Power and Energy (OAJPE) beginning January 2020. It is now led by Prof. Fran Li from the University of Tennessee. The journal also has a promotion and outreach editor, Prof. João Catalão from the University of Porto. Both are extremely helpful and approachable volunteers. It is a volume only (one volume and one issue a year) publication and has already published 15 papers. I am very confident it will receive a good impact factor three year from now. I encourage you to submit papers to this journal.

In 2019 we launched an initiative to translate selected published articles from Power & Energy Magazine into the Thai language and distribute to our members in Thailand through our local chapter online. The first article How Electric Vehicles and the Grid Work Together is available. The local committee is chaired by Prof. Weerakorn Ongsakul AIT and championed by Praditpong Suksirithawornkul. Please contact them or keep an eye on this space for some more to come. Our Spanish version of Power & Energy Magazine has been doing extremely well under the leadership of Enrique Tejera. This initiative has been well received by our members from Latin America (Region 9) for providing the opportunity to have the latest information and developments in their own language. PES is the IEEE society with more presence in Region 9. We have a plan to launch a similar initiative in the Chinese language.

By now perhaps you have had the time to look at the T&D 2020 Special issue of the magazine. There are 8 articles focusing on research, development, and deployment activities in digital simulation technology. Unfortunately, the T&D event is postponed until October of this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, I strongly believe that in addition to over 14,000 anticipated participants for this flagship show of IEEE, all our members will benefit from the contents of the issue.

Standing of the PES journals within the peers:
The PES currently sponsors five transactions:

  1. IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion (TEC)
  2. IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery (TPWRD)
  3. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems (TPWRS)
  4. IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid (TSG)
  5. IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy (TSE)

All our transactions are sustaining their leadership in topics as reflected by the increased bibliometric indices. The latest journal impact factors (JIF) (Fig. 1) clearly demonstrate that fact. In the 2018 Clarivate Analytics report, out of 161 IEEE periodicals, three IEEE Transactions ranked within the top 20 amongst all periodicals in the field of interest (FoI) of EEE. I am very happy to share the good news that there have been 52,000 more usages of PES publications in 2019 compared to 2018. This is because of the utmost trust that the authors bestow on our outstanding editors and reviewers to maintain a high-quality peer-review process. Besides impact factors and citations, there are several other ways the contents of publications are valued, such as usage from industry-based readers, attendance in our prize-winning paper webinars, and download counts of additional materials from the data port. Our periodicals are doing extremely well in these categories also. PES believes an article is only worthy of publishing when it is worthy of reading. High downloads and usages from the readers reflect that fact. PES Publications is very grateful to the readers.

Fig. 1: PES Transactions Impact Factors

We are also running a webinar series on the topics of highly downloaded/prize-winning technical papers. We invite the authors of these articles to speak and archive the webinars in our society’s online resource center.

Quality assurance and diversity:
All five of our transactions have been peer-reviewed by the IEEE Periodical Committee. This is an IEEE internal process conducted once every five years. All of them have been appreciated for their quality, timeliness, and diversity. Our acceptance rates range between 15 and 25%. Our median time in months from submissions to e-publication continues to decrease. We will continue to further improve upon our quality and timeliness.

Out of 238 editors across all the PES journals, we have 37 women editors (13.8%). 16.7% of our editors are affiliated with industry. 56.7% of our editors are from outside North America. We are looking for more participation in our periodical editorial boards from industry and women. We have been experiencing a huge shift of authorship and usage of our contents from Region 10. We are engaging with more power engineers from this region by appointing them to our editorial boards so that our publications become even more relevant to the growth of power engineering research and development in that part of the world. Anyone particularly from Region 10 wishing to serve on our editorial boards, please contact our respective Editors-in-Chief.

Editor-in-Chief transitions:
In January 2020, we appointed Dr. Claudio Cañizares (University of Waterloo) as Editor-in-Chief of the Transactions on Smart Grid and Dr. Francisco de Leon (New York University) as Editor-in-Chief of the Transactions on Power Delivery. Dr. Wilsun Xu (University of Alberta) has provided outstanding service as Editor-in-Chief of the Transactions on Power Delivery. We appreciate his visionary work for the transactions. Dr. Jianhui Wang (Southern Methodist University) offered very successful leadership to take the Transactions on Smart Grid to a new height: it is now 6th out of 161 IEEE journals in JIF ranking. He has retired after his term ended in December 31, 2019. Dr. Scott Sudhoff (Purdue University) has finished his term as Editor-in-Chief of PETS-J which is now rebranded as IEEE OAJPE. Scott’s vision and leadership are greatly appreciated.

Enhancing authors’ experience during submission and peer review:
To promote transparency and fairness in our peer review process, we have created a position of Editor-in-Chief at Large. We have appointed Dr. Wilsun Xu for this position. To provide useful guidance to prospective authors and our reviewers we have started a new initiative: authors resource center and education in our respective journal home page. Authors guidance materials and enhanced engagements with the authors at the review stage to enhance the transparency of the review process is being undertaken by each journal through a very experienced dedicated member of the Editorial Board. This role is now named as Senior Editor: Authors Resource and Education. The following people have been appointed as Senior Editors upon nomination from the respective EIC.

  1. Prof Gary W Chang, Senior Editor, Trans on Power Delivery
  2. Prof CY Chung, Senior Editor, Trans on Power Systems
  3. Prof Joao Catalao, Senior Editor, Trans on Smart Grid
  4. Dr Leila Parsa, Senior Editor, Trans on Energy Conversion
  5. Prof Hashem Nehrir, Senior Editor, Trans on Sustainable Energy

This is a gradual process with efforts from EIC’s team and IEEE Staff refined through reviewer and author feedback.  Every journal will have a senior Editor to coordinate this effort.

Publication Open Forum PES GM2020:
There is a publication open forum event planned from 5:00 to 6:30 pm on Tuesday during the PESGM. Please look for the exact time when it is available in our society home page for PESGM20 in August.  COVID crisis forces us not to meet all our Editors-in-Chief at that open forum at PESGM20, Montreal in August in person. But you can meet them virtually if you are registered for the conference. We will have a short presentation followed by a question and answer period.  We thank you for your support and interest in our publications. We look forward to a higher level of sustained engagement from you in our peer-reviewed publications. I wish everyone good health and safety during this unprecedented crisis that our world is currently facing.