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PES Day 2020: Young Professionals Online Webinars

The Panama Canal and its Impact on the Energy Sector

A webinar was held on April 8th. The speaker was Enrique Tejera. He is the IEEE Region 9 Director-Elect. He has been working in Panama Canal since 1991 in various technical positions. Currently, he is the Manager of the high voltage section of the Energy Division. During most the last 40 years he served several major IEEE positions, such as Panama Section Chair, Region 9 executive committee member, PES Chapter Chair, DL, R9 Chapter Representative, VP Membership/Chapters Activities and Division VII Director. He is a recipient of many awards, such as outstanding volunteer award for the Region, Council and Section. He delivered the webinar focusing the impact of Panama Canal on the energy sector. People from Panama (Rrgion-9) are well known about Panama Canal and its impact on energy. The webinar gave a great opportunity for all volunteers to get more information on this issue.

Difference in Effort for Clean Energy between 1st World and 3rd World Countries. Who’s really Driving the change?

A webinar was held on April 17th. The speaker was Tisura D. Gamage. He has the background in engineering, economics and public policy. He graduated with an MA from the John Hopkins University, USA in 2018 with a concentration in energy, resources and environment and international economics. He is currently a PhD candidate in Transportation, Technology and Policy at University of California, Davis, USA. He presented the difference in effort for clean energy in various regions of the world and focused on the driving forces behind the change.

HVDC: Fundamentals and Recent Developments

IEEE Peru Section organized a webinar on 20 April 2020. The speaker was Gabriel OlguĂ­n. Hehas the experience in various roles at power distribution and transmission utilities, academia and research centers. He was a scientist at ABB Corporate Research in Sweden. He is currently a consultant at power business limited and e-storage spa. Based on his vast experience in HVDC, speaker demonstrated the fundamental issues in HVDC and pointed out recent developments and challenges.

Training Focusing Robo Sanitizer Challenge

As a part of IEEE PES Day 2020 activities, IEEE PES Kerala Chapter in association with IEEE PES YP Kerala organized a webinar on the ongoing Robo Sanitizer Challenge. The webinar was held on 5th April 2020. The participants were trained to make an automatic hand sanitizer. The session was handled by Er. Anish M. S. a volunteer from IEEE PES YP and IEEE PES Kerala Chapter. The event was an IEEE PES Kerala chapter initiative, supporting the Break the Chain Campaign.