IEEE PES Region 1: Chapter Updates

Dear IEEE PES members:

Over the last few weeks, many of us have been impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak around the world. From all at Region 1 in the Northeast of the United States, our heartfelt concern and best wishes are with anyone affected.

Many Chapters have either postponed or canceled up and coming events in May and June so far, including annual dinners, courses, and Chapter meetings. However, most of the Chapters are adapting to the new circumstances quickly and are organizing virtual Chapter meetings and webinar courses.

We have also decided to cancel the Region 1 Workshop that was scheduled to be held at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester Massachusetts on May 22nd. Once this crisis is over, we will be looking for a new date.

Around the Region

Despite all the disruption, Region 1 chapters have been holding some great events

New York
December 2019 -Superconductor Cables – Utility Application in Chicago

For several years, electric utilities worldwide have been working to demonstrate the application of Superconductor Cables in the power grid. Recently, Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) announced the final approval and beginning of work on the first permanent US installation of a Superconductor Cable to improve the reliability and resiliency of the power grid in Chicago. Superconductor cables are a compelling option for power system engineers to solve a wide range of capacity, reliability, and modernization challenges, particularly with urban utilities dealing with space constraints and high property values. The December presentation will bring Mike Ross of American Superconductor (AMSC) to speak to our group about Superconductor cables and the project in Chicago; AMSC.

New Jersey
In December the chapter held a Power Quality Primer seminar that included:

  • Typical Power Quality Problems and Symptoms
  • How to Conduct a Power Quality Survey
  • Tools and Equipment
  • Case Studies
  • IEEE and IEC Standards on Power Quality
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Power Quality Rules on Sags, Transients

In January the Chapter held a seminar on Variable Frequency Drives that included the following topics:

  • Methods of starting an Induction Motor
  • Overview of Variable Frequency Drives – What makes it spin a motor
  • Typical Applications
  • Energy Savings on Centrifugal Fans and Pumps
  • Installation considerations – How to increase uptime.
  • Harmonics and how they affect you.

In December 2019 the chapter held a short course on Offshore Wind. The course ran over three weeks and covered:

  • US Offshore Wind Activities, Markets, and Interconnections
  • Who, How and When – Policy and political context of offshore wind in the northeast (and California)
  • Wind energy concepts and offshore considerations
  • Drivetrain Design considerations for offshore wind turbines

In January the Chapter held a Technical Meeting on Reliability Assessment of Large Diesel Generator Fleet

In February the Chapter held a Technical Meeting on Measurement Based Detection of Errors in Line Models

The first part of the presentation covered a method to detect permanent errors in utility databases related to positive sequence transmission line models used by the network applications for operational as well as planning. The talk also covered a new online method to track changes in the parameters of detailed multiphase transmission line models which are used in protective relay settings as well as the accurate location of faults occurring on these lines. Professor Ali Arbur professor electrical and computer engineering Department northeastern University

In January the Chapter held a Technical Meeting on Like-for-Like Plant Controls Upgrades: When are they an Advantage.

In December the chapter about a technical meeting on interconnecting offshore wind. A very popular subject with several GW of offshore wind being constructed off the northeastern coast.

One of our senior members, Dr. Xiaochuan Luo from ISO New England, has been selected as a recipient of the 2018 IEEE Region 1 Technological Innovation in Industry Award for his contribution to pioneering cloud computing technology for large-scale power system planning studies.

The Chapter held a Technical Meeting in January on The Increasing Application of FACTS.

In March they held a Technical Meeting on the Cybersecurity aspects of Ukraine power system attack, context, and observations of a significant cybersecurity incident.

Bryan J Gwyn
IEEE PES region-1 Representative
Doble Engineering
Watertown, MA, USA