IEEE PES DAY 2020: Get Ready to Celebrate

On April 22, 2008, the Power Engineering Society changed its name to the Power & Energy Society after a final vote from the PES membership. It was determined that the previous name did not properly describe the scope of interest in which the society was involved and the new name would more precisely designate the areas of involvement. The new name, the Power& Energy Society, offered broadened horizons and renewed determination to serve not just the present needs but the future needs of the members as well as the society. The first PES Day was celebrated in 2018 to celebrate 10 years of new PES name. On 22nd April 2020 the third PES Day will be celebrated where members will celebrate the unity, strength and achievements of the IEEE PES family revolving around the PES Day. In fact, celebration will be going on through out the whole month of April.

PES Day goal is to engage the PES volunteers with PES history and “5” PES pillars of the “More Power to the Future” vision:

  • Advancing Global Participation;
  • Educating the Future Workforce;
  • Industry Activity Trends;
  • Standards Leadership;
  • Participating in Regulatory Initiatives.

The 3rd IEEE PES DAY focuses on “Affordable and clean energy to the community”. Globally many countries are predominantly dependent on coal and oil for electricity, transport and goods. Hence an action needs to be taken now to change this trend. Through active participation of PES members in various initiatives on the 2020 PES Day, awareness can be created among engineering community and public, which will help to build a safe future for the next generations.

Congratulation to Ajay Kumar who is the 2020 PES Day Chair. He organized outstanding PES volunteer activities when he worked as the 2018 PES Day Ambassador (PES chapter category) and 2019 PES Day Ambassadors Lead from R1-10.

For more up to date information about the PES Day celebration, please visit the website here & follow the Facebook page here.