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RES for Kids Realized for IEEE PES UFT Student Chapter

PES UFT experience with the RES project, two events held in the second half of 2019 in a municipal school of Palmas-TO.

Unlike the traditional application of the RES project, PES Student Chapter UFT chose to approach children in a way in which the goal of bringing electricity and consequently electrical engineering, was achieved by awakening curiosity and interest.

The project was divided into two stages, carried out in August and November and 2019. The initiative to implement RES came in a conversation with Heverton Camargos and Stefani Carolline, Professors at the Federal University of Tocantins. The importance of passing on a basic knowledge and disseminating the course that has extreme relevance in present days, is so little known in the community.

The first stage constituted a stand at the science fair promoted by the department of education of the municipality, where each Municipal school students were encouraged to assemble projects of a scientific nature and exhibit on the stipulated date. PES Student Chapter UFT exhibited with a stand rapidly addressing electricity and some areas of electrical engineering with a solar plate, an automation model of a building developed by Graduating Electrical Engineer Gabriel Aiude, an electrostatic generator, printed electrical projects and some electronic components. As it was in an open space, the project could be exhibited to audiences of almost all age groups and also there was a good interaction.

On August 26, the first stage took place in the morning period (8:00 am to 12:00 pm). The second part took place in November 1, where a presentation was adapted for students of the 7th grade of elementary school and also the lecture was very informative.

The structure of the second part of the project intended to be more informative. It brought in basic concepts about electricity and how electricity reaches the residences. It was considered that the participants already had prior knowledge about atom and others basic science issues. In this part, despite being considered as a lecture, the members of PES UFT, who led the event, approached children with questions and videos in a more dynamic way in order to keep the attention and consequently ensuring learning on the subject.

The project was implemented only at the Anne Frank Municipal School in 2019 and the feedback obtained was satisfactory. In both experiences the students seemed excited, delighted and engaged with the Course of Electrical Engineering. The initiative was also praised by teachers and parents. Given the success achieved, a larger project in conjunction with two other student groups of Electrical Engineering of the University Federal of Tocantins is already being planned for implementation in 2020.

A. S. Gabriela
Chair IEEE PES UFT Student Chapter