2020 IEEE Fellows

The IEEE Fellows award is a special recognition for IEEE members with extraordinary accomplishments in IEEE technical fields. The total number of recipients each year cannot exceed 0.1% of the total higher grade membership, which ensures the exceptional status of becoming a Fellow.

The Class of 2020 Fellows

Congratulations to the following outstanding PES members and to those who were evaluated by PES for their achievements.

Jose Arroyo-Sanchez
for contributions to generation scheduling for electricity markets

Luiz N. Barroso
for leadership in analytical methods for power system economics and regulation

Mohamed Benbouzid
for contributions to diagnosis and fault-tolerant control of electric machines and drives

Sukumar Brahma
for contributions to power system protection with distributed and renewable generation

Walter Mark Carpenter
for leadership in standards development for power system protection

Venkata Dinavahi
for contributions to real-time simulation of power systems with embedded power electronic converters

Sonja Glavaski
for leadership in energy systems

John Harley
for development of monitoring and pump bearing systems for power transformers

Jinghan He
for contributions to the protection of substations and traction power

Jan Izykowski
for contributions to fault localization in power lines

Gerard Ledwich
for development of control of power systems and power electronics

Yun Wei Li
for contributions to power electronics converters in microgrids and industrial drives

James McDowall
for leadership in stationary battery standards and energy storage industry

Amir-hamed Mohsenian-rad
for contributions to optimal resource management in wireless networks and the smart grid

Pierre Pinson
for contributions to wind forecasting techniques in renewable energy integration

Wei Qiao
for contributions to condition monitoring and control of power electronics interfaced rotating machine systems

Hong Rao
for leadership and contributions to the design and application of HVDC in AC/DC grids

George Ridley
for contribution to stator core insulation condition analysis in large hydroelectric generators

Kevin Schneider
for contributions to the development of open-access tools for distribution system analysis

Dipti Srinivasan
for contributions to computational intelligence for Smart Grid

Narasimham Vempati
for contributions to power system state estimation and transmission congestion markets

Yan Zhang
for contributions to resource management in wireless networks

Yi Zhang
for leadership in the development of real time digital simulation in power systems

Yingjun Zhang
for contributions to resource allocation and optimization in wireless communications

Xiao-Ping Zhang
for contributions to modeling and control of high-voltage DC and AC transmission systems