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Updates from PES CSAC (Chapters Student Activities Committee)

In IEEE PES ISGT Latin America held at Gramado, Brazil during 15-18 September 2019, apart from regular technical activities, PES Lighting for Humanity event was held successfully. The event was organized by PES CSAC (Chapters Student Activities Committee), UFSM PES SB chapter and Liter of Light organization as strategic planning to open PES SIGHT Brazil.

PES Lighting for Humanity event

R9 PES Section Chapter Chairs, some R9 PES SB Chapter Chairs and Liter of Light Brazil (NGO) volunteers

There were five main speakers in the PES Humanitarian practical training and HAC/PES CSAC event:

1) Konrad Schmitt (UFSM PES SB Chapter Chair)
2) Thiago Alencar (PES CSAC Chair)
3) Guadalupe (R9 PES WiP representative)
4) Shaikh Fattah (PES HAC Chair) and IEEE HAC Education Committee Chair (online training session on PES Humanitarian Technology Project Design and SROI)
5) Leonardo Uematsu (Liter of Light VP Operation and Technology)

A moment with participants

PES students were offered training on the following topics:

– IEEE SIGHT and HAC overview and opportunities
– PES HAC overview
– PES CSAC and PES YP overview
– PES WiP (Women in Power) overview
– 17 UN Sustainable Development goals
– Steps to make a Humanitarian Technology project
– SROI (Social Return on Investment) training
– Steps to open a SIGHT group
– Liter of Light workshop and training

A presentation was made to PES Section Chapter chairs as part of the R9 PES Section Chapter Chairs’ Meeting.

During a presentation session

Online training session conducted by Dr. Shaikh Fattah on PES humanitarian Technology Project Design and social return on investment.

Thiago Alencar