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PES Day Celebrations: IEEE PES SBC College of Engineering Chengannur

In commemoration of the PES Day series of events that were conducted by IEEE PES Student Branch Chapter College of Engineering Chengannur throughout the month of April. We celebrated the unity, strength, and achievements of the IEEE PES family. We celebrated the rich and proud history of PES running right back to its birth in 1884. IEEE PES Day was celebrated to provide a rostrum to gather and share about the latest technical innovations around the world and to acknowledge the many initiatives the society has taken part in. Also for educating its members, to derive substantial benefits from the society throughout the month of April. The program helped to spread the essence of PES and the theme “More Power to the Future”.

The celebrations started off on April 8th with a spectrum talk. The talk was provided by Vishnu Vijay Pillai, former Chairman of IEEE IAS SBC CEC. His talk focussed on the top ten hybrid cars like Hyundai Kona, BMW 3 series and so on and the benefits of hybrid electrical cars over ordinary cars.

IEEE PES Student Branch Chapter College of Engineering Chengannur celebrated PES Day on 29th April 2019. The celebration was officially hosted in the meeting conducted on 29th April 2019 at the IEEE library with a participation of 65 members. Ms. Mahima Susan Bijoy, Chairperson of IEEE PES SBC CEC, delivered the welcome speech. This was followed by the PES Day presentation by PES day Ambassador Mr. Dennis Babu Koshy providing an overview on PES Day goals, its activities around the world, PES membership benefits,  PES CSAC team, PES RES for kids and IEEE PES networking without borders project. Thus successfully acknowledged on many initiatives the society has involved and created an impact on the students.Dr. Jacob Thomas, Principal of College of Engineering Chengannur, later addressed the students regarding the importance of the occasion. Dr. C.R AjithSen also wished the students and shared his thoughts and about the active role of IEEE in the college. Prize money of the Online Quiz competition conducted in commemoration of PES Day was awarded to the winner Mr. Jobal James by Dr. Jacob Thomas. This was accompanied by a cake cutting ceremony.

The events were a successful effort to evoke the students about the role of Power & Energy Society and the PES Day theme “More Power to the Future”. The quiz helped to gain an interest in the field of latest technologies in Renewable Energy and inculcate the relevance of energy efficient systems.