Christopher Root – Former PES Treasurer, Secretary and Member at Large

PES Governing Board Experience

I joined the Power Engineering Society’s Governing Board in mid 2000’s with the simple goal of bringing engineering excellence to my utility. My utility had just gone through four mergers and were looking for a structure to connect our technical organization and large number of engineers with the most cutting edge information and training available. My hope was that the shared expertise of this influential group would allow me to better lead, but what I left with was a deep passion for uniting a global industry and a belief that connectivity and access to information has the power to influence the future.

Early in my board experience, membership was stale. The need for new perspectives was paramount as the world around us was becoming increasingly connected and faster moving than ever before. It became our mission to create a Society that was more intentional, community driven and reflective of our global industry. During my tenure as the elected Treasurer (2 terms), Secretary (2 terms) and Member at Large we accomplished notable changes including renaming the organization to the Power and Energy Society (PES), electing the first and second women as President, reorganizing the board’s responsibilities including adding new officers and growing the number of members and chapters. As the demographics of the Society began to shift, new platforms such as the Young Professionals and Women in Power groups emerged encouraging support and influence within the Society. From this growth came stability to the Society’s finances allowing for the creation of the Scholarship Plus effort which has helped hundreds of students with their education in our industry and the seed money for the Smart Village program.

Since 2006, I have attended over 25 Governing Board and Executive Committee meetings around the world.  This experience has broadened my perspective of utility professionals and educators and has cemented my view that PES is the best organization to openly share the latest research within our global industry. But there is more to be done. On the next leg of our journey we must build better communication between utilities and universities; we need to evolve technical support to the rapidly changing power systems around the world with more focus on emerging technologies, renewable generation integration and threats like climate change and cyber protection; and of course, continue to diversify the Society in terms of gender and representation across all branches.

As we approach 2020 it is those issues that fuel my desire to return to and lead this great organization. It is an honor to be nominated by the Nominations and Appointment Subcommittee of the Governing Board (led by Damir Novosel) for the position of President Elect. I see the set of challenges ahead of our industry and the PES and believe I am well suited to supporting the members of this community. I would be honored and thankful for your consideration and vote for PES President Elect.

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Chris Root
Candidate for IEEE PES President-Elect 2020-2021
COO VELCO, Vermont
IEEE PES Secretary 2013-2017
IEEE PES Treasurer 2009-2013
IEEE PES Member at Large 2006-2009
Executive Committee of the US National CIGRE Committee