WiP Networking Breakfast Session at 2019 IEEE PES GM

Attend a WiP Networking Breakfast Session led by powerful leaders in our Industry.

Date and Time: Tue, August 6, 2019, 7:30 AM–9:00 AM EDT – Register now!

WiP Networking Breakfast Session at 2019 IEEE PES GM

The Women in Power initiative has pulled together a Leadership Advisory Committee comprised of men and women from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Their stories and their positions in the industry help to demonstrate, first hand, the success that anyone can achieve with a lot of hard work. This leadership team is supported by mentors and role models who share their stories and share of themselves to help realize the potential of women in the power industry.

Our mission is to advance the world through the creativity and innovation of diverse leadership, and to foster the careers, connections, and talent of women in the Power Industry to achieve their full potential to become the leaders of the future. Join us in a networking breakfast session led by powerful leaders in our Industry. These leaders will share their ambitions, and advice on professional development and career advancement. Networking and mentorship benefit women throughout the industry, whether they are engineers, attorneys, policy makers or accountants. But this is not just for women. Anyone could benefit from the professional development offered and everyone is welcome to join.

Sainab Taiwo Ninalowo
Chair, Women in Power