IEEE PES Day Celebration: PES UFSM SB Chapter

During the third week of April 2019, a series of activities were promoted due to the celebration of the IEEE PES day, in Santa Maria, RS – Brazil, organized by the IEEE PES Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM) student branch chapter. The event allowed the students, teachers and people from the academic community to integrate and exchange knowledge and professional experiences related to the power and energy fields.

The activities were conducted in a way to cover all major visions of IEEE PES Day. The main event, namely “More Power to the Future Lecture”, has been strategic to help engineering students from the university to not only be aware of the advancements in the area of power and energy but also to be in contact with the opinion of professionals of the field and professors, that is, two probably really different perspectives.

IEEE PES Day Celebration Activities of the IEEE PES UFSM SB Chapter

IEEE PES Day Celebration Activities of the IEEE PES UFSM SB Chapter

On April 23, the members of the IEEE PES UFSM SB Chapter encouraged all the community to go in a regional hospital and give a little bit of their time in exchange of a major benefit that is, to save a life through a blood donation. In the same week, simultaneously an academic course was offered focusing Power System Analysis, administered by IEEE PES Student Members but offered to all the community. This module was focused in the following topics: Introduction to Short Circuits, Fault Analysis and the Fortescue Theory.

For the main event: three great professionals in the area of electrical engineering were invited and they shared their experience. Moreover they participated in a debate on current electrical power grid. This IEEE PES Day Event endorsed by the IEEE PES UFSM SB Chapter, promoted a lecture that exposed what’s new on the national electrical system and the trending topics off renewable energy sources on-grid integration.

“We focused on the trending of electrical power grid development, although it is not exclusive to engineering students, everyone depends on power delivery and it’s important to approach the society from this perspective” said Augusto Zanin Bertoletti, Vice-Chair of the IEEE Student Branch and Vice-Chair of PES IEEE Student Chapter.

Z.B. Augusto
Vice-president of IEEE PES UFSM Student Chapter