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Bikash Pal, FIEEE, Vice President Publications

Publications Update: PES Publications Continues to Grow Globally

Bikash Pal, FIEEE, Vice President Publications

Bikash Pal, FIEEE

I am honored to be given this opportunity to serve you, our valued members, as Vice President Publications. In my role I am responsible for running all our six transactions, one letter and two magazines and one e-News. I am pleased to report that we have had a strong year in PES publications. Our journals and magazines have received more submissions and published more papers. Our publications continue to be more popular as confirmed through higher impact factors. In financial terms, we have 9% growth as well enabling us to launch new initiative.

The publication model all over the world is fast changing with increasing focus on open science. IEEE as world leader in scientific publications in Electrical and Electronic Engineering has positioned itself to be leader in disseminating open science through fully GOLD Open Access periodicals from across all the societies. Our society has decided to actively support this initiative. We have rebranded the Power and Energy Technology Systems Journal to IEEE Open Access Journal of Power and Energy (IOAJPE) effective from January 2020. In addition, we are having a Power and Energy Section on IEEE Access effective from January 2020. We will publish both academic and practice-oriented articles across the entire gamut of our society field of interests covering the sustainable energy solutions in emerging topics such smart transportation, e-mobility, smart cities, etc.

Our Power and Energy Magazine in Spanish has gathered popularity. In March during GDT Asia, we have also launched an initiative to translate selected published articles from the magazine in Thai language and distribute to our members in Thailand through our local chapter online. We have also launched a webinar series on the topics of highly downloaded/prize winning technical papers. We invite the authors of such article and archive the webinar in our resource center of the society.

In April 2019, we appointed Dr Alberto Tessarolo as Editor-in-Chief of the Transactions on Energy Conversion. We appointed Dr Juri Jatskevich as Editor-in-Chief at Large to promote greater transparency in our peer review process. We are continuously looking for editors for all our journals and magazine. We encourage applicants from all over the world, academia and industry, women in engineering to enhance the image of our society embedding equality, diversity and inclusions (EDI) in our process. There is publication open forum event planned between 5:00 to 6:30 pm in room 303 on 6th Aug, 2019 at the upcoming PES General Meeting in Atlanta,GA USA. Come meet the Editor-in-Chiefs at an open forum in PES GM Atlanta. We will have a short presentation followed by a question and answer period. Please bring your questions, comments, and concerns.We thank you for your support and interest in our publications. We look forward to higher level of engagement from you in our peer reviewed publications.

Bikash Pal, FIEEE, PES Vice President (Publications)