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‘WiE Love Power’ at UFRN SBC

IEEE PES UFRN Student Branch Chapter and YP Bahia hosted an event called WiE Love Power in the city of Natal, Brazil. “WiE” makes reference to the expression “Women in Engineering” and is also an IEEE professional organization represented at UFRN. It gave the participants an opportunity to talk with some invited professionals about what they experienced at the University as students and at the job market as trainees and engineers.

Caroline Pereira, Sâmara Paiva and Sávia Pinto were the special guests. They talked about their careers. They also discussed some issues of woman working in a place overwhelmed by men. They also presented examples of great women who are working hard in the area of Power and Energy.

Participants of WiE Love Power

Lucas Silva Pereira
IEEE UFRN Student Branch