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The Magic in Her Hands

A WiP event was organized by the IEEE PES Helwan Student Branch Chapter (HSBC) Technical Support Committee (Egypt Section) on 9th November 2018. IEEE PES HSBC took an initiative to launch the Season’19 WiP as a practical session that aims to increase knowledge of junior girls at ages of 12-14 years who are at the 6th primary stage of school and the 2nd preparatory stage of school. It was an extension of Season’18 event. Raghada Khaled was the Season’18 IEEE PES HSBC Chairwoman. They were delivered preliminary knowledge about “How to make a solar power bank”. Some preliminary issues were covered, such as forms of energy, solar energy and its importance, various connections, and knowledge about simple components.

On 9th November 2018 the team went to the orphanage to organize the event from Ramses square to Sheraton district at Masr el gdida in Cairo. After the theoretical part the event was ended by making the solar power bank. After making the necessary arrangements with “Basha’er El-Fajr” Girls’ Orphanage, the girls of technical support committee of IEEE PES HSBC, namely Sahar Khaled, Remonda Fayez and Engy Nasser planned the session and tried to make it very interesting and joyful for junior girls. Sahar Khaled was Season’19 WiP manager who provided knowledge to the girls.

The unique thing about this event was “Women to women closed loop”, where the knowledge was provided by the girls to other girls, so it was 100% girls, which was a very important sign that the women in our societies can make miracles with her hands.

Sainab Ninalowo