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Lecture Series by Dr. Jay Giri in UP Section, India

Dr. Jay Giri, affiliate Faculty at University of Washington, Seattle and Fmr. Director, GE Grid Software Solutions, gave a series of talks and distinguished lecture (DL),  organised by IEEE PES/IAS joint chapter, UP Section. The talks were delivered in the imminent technical institutes across U.P, India.The core theme of these lectures was “Managing uncertainties in the Future Grid (Keeping the lights on: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow)”.

IEEE-PES Lectures by Dr. Jay Giri in Uttar Pradesh, India (on 26th Oct, 1st Nov, and 2nd Nov 2018).

The DL was organised at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK), on 1st November 2018. The venue for other PES Lectures were ITS Engineering College, Noida and MMMUT, Gorakhpur on 26th October and 2nd November, respectively.

In the talks, focused on the theme “Managing uncertainties in the Future Grid (Keeping the lights on: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow)”, Dr. Jay Giri has covered the wide spectrum of future technologies for electric power grid. Speaker discussed the importance of electrification, grid transformation, current challenges, infrastructure, vulnerability, energy management system (EMS), phasor measurement unit (PMU), new SCADA, wide area monitoring system (WAMS). Dr. Giri has highlighted the importance of the synchrophasor based state estimation and monitoring of the modern power grids, and the role of advanced sensing and control infrastructures in making the electric power grid more resilient to the uncertainties posed by renewable generation.

From the audience prospective, the talks were very engaging and informative, and the speaker presented a holistic view on the operational challenges faced by the modern power grid.It was a successful event, which introduced and inspired the listeners to address the various exciting challenges of the modern power grid.

The IEEE PES/IAS chapter, UP Section is very actively involved in fulfilling the mission of PES society. Beside PES lectures and DL, the chapter has also organised multiple event throughout the year. Few most significant ones include talks on DC Microgrid and Integrated AC/DC Smart Microgrid by Prof. Arindam Ghosh, Curtin University, Australia, Real-Time Simulations Approach for Analyzing Out-of-Step Protection Conditions in Power Systems by Prof. Ramakrishnan Gokaraju, University of Saskatchewan, Canada, Wide area Back-up Protection Schemes For Transmission Systems by Dr. S. R. Samantaray, IIT BBS, India and Developments in Indian Electricity Market by Mr. Shushil Kumar Soonee, Advisor, POSOCO, India. After PES lectures form Dr. Jay Giri, chapter has also organised a national level workshop PERA18 (power engineering research and applications) from 16-18 November, 2018. The workshop was supported by IEEE PES under membership driven initiatives and was attended by 70 participants from different corners of India. The wide spectrum of participants includes, Industry experts, academician, research scholars and under graduate engineers.

Sandeep Anand
Chapter Chair, IEEE PES-IAS Joint Chapter, Uttar Pradesh Section, India
Assistant Professor, Dept. of EE, IIT Kanpur, India