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Industrial Visit in AH-PES Student Congress

The IEEE PES provides the world’s largest platform for sharing the latest technological development in electric power society. The IEEE GPREC PES SB Chapter in association with PES/IAS/PELS joint chapter of IEEE Hyderabad Section had organized a visit to world’s largest ultra mega 1000 MW solar power plant at Kurnool district, Andhra Pradesh, India on 5th October 2018.

The Kurnool Solar Park is spread over a total area of 24.0072 km2. The region is arid. The park utilizes over 4 million solar panels with capacities of 315 and 320 Watts. The panels are connected to four 220/33 kV pooling stations of 250 MW each and a 400 / 220kV grid substation through nearly 2,000 circuit kilometers of cables. During a sunny day, the Kurnool Solar Park is able to generate more than 8 million kWh of electricity, which is sufficient to meet virtually the entire electricity demand in Kurnool district. A documentary on this project was telecasted in National Discovery channel.

The permission for this visit was obtained from Andhra Pradesh Solar power corporation and Greenko company was assigned this task to explain and demonstrate the Solar plant. Sri Sreenivas Naidu, the head of Greenko Solar Power plant at Kurnool, was the key person in arranging two engineers, Sri Sreenivas Reddy and Sri Mahesh Kumar from Greenko company, for explanation of the project as well as demonstration of the site for all the participants. One hundred fifty participants attended two day long All Hyderabad PES Students Congress (AHPESSC-2018) and later they divided into three groups during the visit.

The company officials explained in brief about how solar power can be extracted from sun and the process of extraction.

Later on they demonstrated the equipment used for solar power production, and the site visit was also explained thoroughly.

Machani Ajay kumar
GPREC PES Student Chapter Chair & AHPESSC Coordinator
GPREC PE31 Chapter