A Successful DLP with Saifur Rahman at Columbus, Ohio PES Chapter

On September 6th the Columbus, Ohio PES Chapter was honored to host PES President Saifur Rahman as part of the Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP). Approximately 50 people attended the event at AEP Transmission’s headquarters, including members from The Ohio State University, American Electric Power and Schweitzer Engineering Labs.  Dr. Rahman’s presentation concerned Critical Infrastructure Protection, highlighting the many interdependencies among society’s energy and information systems.

Prof. Saifur Rahman, PES President Addressing the Audience

The value of resiliency was explored, with a focus on microgrids and sensor deployment. The event was very well received by local IEEE members and an hour of continuing-education credit was provided.

Prof. Saifur Rahman, PES President with the Columbus Vice-Chair and Chair

This was the first DLP program organized by the Columbus Chapter, who would highly recommend the program to other Chapters.

Jerod Marker
IEEE Columbus, Ohio PES Chapter Chair

Dr. Nirmal Nair
PES DLP Program Coordinator

For more information about PES DLP, please visit https://www.ieee-pes.org/pes-communities/chapters/distinguished-lecturer-program