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Meiden America Switchgear

Saifur Rahman, IEEE PES President

I would like to highlight a few things for the PES family:

In order to increase interactions with local PES members and volunteers, the IEEE PES is setting up the Regional Chapters Councils. Work is now in progress to set up IEEE PES Chapters Councils in China, India, Africa and Latin America. These will facilitate communications between the upper management of the society and volunteers at the local level, which can help with organizing conferences, tutorials, workshops, standards development work, etc.

Three PES journals are placed among the top 25 journals in electrical and electronic engineering:

  • IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid (#10)
  • IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy (#15)
  • IEEE Transactions on Power Systems (#22).

Our editors and reviewers are doing an excellent job of maintaining improving the quality of our journals.

Saifur Rahman, PhD
President, IEEE Power & Energy Society 2018-2019