In order to celebrate the IEEE PES Day, on 30th April the PES Day Ambassadors organized a seminar titled “Key insights in career management” by Mr. John McDonald, IEEE PES Distinguished Lecturer and IEEE member for 47 years. The seminar was great and interactive, during which McDonald discussed with us the secret of a good career management and shared with us his impressive achievements and experiences.

In addition, in order to spread awareness about the global warming and the green house gaze emissions we highlighted the urgency to switch to renewable energy as the main energy supplier in order to secure our globe and avoid more degradation of the globe and the climate conditions.

Since we have already a PES chapter in INSAT so we skip the legal steps to establish a chapter however we introduced attendees to the benefits of being a PES member and joining communities and initiatives launched by PES members around the world.

We also introduced awards and funds available for projects related to sustainable energy in order to encourage volunteers to launch new initiatives.

The three PES Day ambassadors, namely Asma Ghazouani (Ambassador of IEEE INSAT Student Branch), Moez Zouaoui (PES Chapter Ambassador) and Naoures Khedhri (WIE ambassador) told that the similar was an amazing experience to them. It helped them to join a large community that shares very similar vision and passion.

Participants learned about PES benefits and celebrate the establishment of an amazing society.

Asma Ghazouani
PES Day Ambassador of IEEE INSAT Student Branch