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R10-India-Hyderabad Section-Vaagdevi College of Engineering SB

IEEE PES Day 2018 was grandly celebrated with more than 100 active member participating at IEEE VCE Student Branch on 14th April 2018. The event was led by IEEE PES Day ambassador Chinthala Meghana Reddy from Vaagdevi College of Engineering and other student volunteers under the supervision of Mrs. Sreedevigaru- Chapter Advisor, IEEE VCE SB and Associate Professor, Department of Electronics & Communications.

The event began with a brief introduction of PES Day importance and its benefits to students by Sreedevigaru. She also focused on the main theme of PES Day “More Power to Future” and shared her ideas in efficient usage of renewable resources. Some of the enthusiastic members voluntarily gave their opinion and briefly shared their ideas on the five PES pillars and their development. In the second half, IEEE volunteers visited a village nearby and explained the importance of power and energy and suggested ways to save the power for the future. As the event culminated towards end, all the volunteers joined together with an ecstasy and celebrated PES DAY by cutting cake.

Chinthala Meghana Reddy
Secretary, IEEE VCE SB
IEEE PES Day Ambassador