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R10-India-Delhi Section-IEEE PES Northern India Engineering College (NIEC) SB

IEEE PES Northern India Engineering College (NIEC) SB celebrated the 1st PES day on 17th April 2018. The celebration commenced with presentation of Microgrid System, Renewable Energy and Solar Specialization in India and on the achievements of PES members followed by an App presentation by the smart India Hackathon winner team 2018.

The volunteers concluded the celebrations with short discussion on industrial approach in power and energy sector and also recorded shoutout video expressing their merriment.

Honorable Director along with some Professors joined the cake cutting ceremony and guided the branch with his visionary thoughts and valuable suggestions for the betterment of society. The number of participants was around 30.

Rajat Kumar Jha 
Chairperson, IEEE PES NIEC SB