R10-Bangladesh-IEEE SB of RUET

It has been a great honor for IEEE RUET Student Branch to arrange a grand celebration of ‘PES DAY 2018’ for the very first time. This function took place on April 21, 2018 at ECE Seminar room at 05.30 pm. Our PES Day Ambassador Mim Naz Rahman started the celebration by giving thanks to all for participation and gave a presentation on PES and PES Day. The motto, history and activities of PES and PES Day were learned from his presentation.

On that celebration, our former Chair Milton Kumar Kundu was also present there and shared his experience throughout his journey with IEEE. Then our Chair Md. Siratul Islam gave his valuable speech about the PES Day. After that cake cutting ceremony took place. Then PES Day human chain was built inside ECE building with mobile flashlights. Thus the celebration of this day came to an end with the participation of around 30 members. We are pretty delighted to have such wonderful co-operation of members to make the celebration of PES Day a memorable and successful one.