PES Women in Power (WiP) always inspires the career advancement, networking and education of women in the power and energy industry. IEEE PES WiP is impacting the lives of young engineers throughout the world. Line Sidawi from IEEE Lebanon Section shares her experiences with IEEE and motivation behind joining IEEE, PES and WiP:

“My name is Line Sidawi, I am a UOB Alumni, currently pursuing my master’s degree in Power and Controls. The research I am conducting is about autonomous vehicles and event driven adaptive cruise control.

In 2015, I have worked as an intern at Matelec, which is a Lebanese based company that designs and produces distribution transformers, switchgears, package substations, as well as control and protection systems. It is at Matelec where I gained a lot of knowledge about electricity production, transmission and distribution.

In the same year I worked as an intern at Khatib and Alami. It is a major consulting company in the construction industry. Every experience was special in terms of gaining knowledge and networking. Besides I learned to adapt with different environments and became productive in no time.

In the summer of 2017, I started a new job as an operation engineer at Enova, where my team and I manage projects in Lebanon which optimizes and makes the most of their available resources.

I joined IEEE as a student member in 2014, and became Chair of the UOB student branch two years later in 2016. Consequently, our branch was awarded as the most active student branch in Lebanon by the IEEE Lebanon Section. We were also awarded by the University for being the most active club as well as the club with international projection. A short period after it I was elected as the marketing officer of the YP Lebanon team as well as the recruitment officer for the WIE Lebanon AG. In 2017 I was recognized as the most active young professional by the IEEE Lebanon section as well.

These awards are a great motivation for me to keep encouraging the students I meet to pursue their dreams in the engineering field. I like to motivate them to turn their ideas into new innovations that help them serve the community, and that is by joining IEEE early in their university and careers.

I learned about WiP a while back, and immediately contacted them to become a member and developed a new branch in Lebanon, which is still under process. This way I can serve the students even more and introduce them to the local community. Serving IEEE is a pride and joy of mine. Advancing technology for the benefit of humanity is a commitment, and now bringing WiP to Lebanon is a new motivation!”