Editor’s Corner: PES Day Celebration 2018

Editor’s Corner

It was really amazing to see the overwhelming response from the PES volunteers to celebrate the PES Day with full of enthusiasm and dedication. The celebration of the PES Day has created a strong impact on all of our volunteers involved in various types of IEEE organizational units, such as section, chapter, student branch and its chapter, and affinity groups like YP and WIE (and in PES WiP).

In the April issue of the PES eNewsLetter, a special article on IEEE PES Day was published to formally encourage IEEE organizational units to take initiatives for celebrating the day. Thanks to Juan Carlos Montero, VP Membership and Image and Thiago Alencar, PES Day Chair and PES YP Membership Development Coordinator for your constant effort in energizing our volunteers and PES Day Ambassadors to organize meaningful events and most importantly encouraging them to archive the event report.

Special thanks to Prof. Saifur Rahman, President of IEEE PES for providing his inspiring note on this very special day. Almost in every corner of the world we have seen the enthusiasm among our volunteers in celebrating the PES Day. It is a reflection of their love and commitment to the society. While editing various PES Day Celebration reports, I was trying to feel the endless effort made by the volunteers to organize a successful event. I found each event very distinct and full of variations. Apart from rich technical talks, there were industrial tour, rally, human chain, project competition, special display, quizzes, games, music, and cake cutting festival.

In almost every event, a basic demonstration on IEEE PES and PES Day was arranged. It helped the participants to know more about our society activities and its focus “More Power to the Future”. The PES Day Celebrating events were capable of attracting many of our members and in most of the cases, we have seen a large number of participants in each event. Executive committee members of the organizational unit feel that the active participation of PES volunteers of different categories (industry, organization, academia) in this event is a great achievement.

The Day encourages all who are somehow involved with PES to join together and share their experiences. In this way it helps in strengthening the bonding among the volunteers. It indicates that our passionate volunteers are ready to respond to common cause, no matter in which Region or country they live.

We have receiving several reports on PES Day Celebration from various organizational units located in various countries. In this issue we are going to publish 11 reports (selected randomly) considering 11 different countries (Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, India, Jordan, Kenya, Pakistan, Singapore, Spain, Tunisia, USA) and we will keep publishing the other reports consequently. I have the privilege to request you to share interesting events regularly in PES eNewsUpdate. I hope our readers will enjoy the colorful events organized by our passionate volunteers all over the world for the celebration of IEEE PES Day.

Shaikh Fattah
Editor, IEEE PES eNewsUpdate