She’s Her Own Hero

Event by IEEE PES ENIS SB Chapter WiP Unit (Tunisia Section)

She’s in every field; wherever she goes she leaves her impact. Scientific women and girls international day is an occasion to celebrate the greatness of Tunisian women in science and how they made it this far. On the 24th of February, we had the pleasure to host an event on the honour of women and girls in the field of science. We gathered aspiring women who had a lot to say and share with us. Each succeeded on her path with nothing but determination and courage. In addition to the high profiled speakers, our event included workshops, competition, prizes and a music break.

We tried in partnership with Jeunes Science ENIS Club to let women believe that they can make incredible contributions to scientific discovery and push the boundaries of human knowledge.

A portion of the participants

Our event started with a success story introduced by Ms. Aida Bouchakoi and Ms. Faten Khalfallah both of them shared with us many of their expertise and work experience.

Then we had 3 workshops presented by:

  • Boost your career: presented by Ms. Aida Bouchakoi.
  • Women & Leadership: presented by Ms. Yoldez Atitallah.
  • Team Work aspects: presented by Ms. Mariem Mallouli.

Ms. Faten Khalfallah During her speech

The attendees during the opening ceremony

After launching the competition and giving time to the attendees to present their ideas in a clever way we had a music break before announcing the winners.

It was an unforgettable experience; we would like to thank all who participated.

Of course, a day to celebrate the achievement of girls and women is barely enough to show our gratitude to them and our belief in them!

Interactive participation during the event

Ghaith Jday Author
IEEE PES ENIS SBC – Women In Power Unit, Tunisia Section Region 8