The First PES Day Celebration: Grand Initiatives

On April 22, 2008, the name Power Engineering Society was changed to the Power and Energy Society after a final vote from the PES members. The past 2008 IEEE PES President Wanda Reder made the announcement at the 2008 IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference in Chicago, Illinois. This name change was motivated by the notion that the name Power Engineering Society could not properly describe its scope of interests. The new name was found to be capable of precisely designating the relevant areas of involvement. In comparison to the old name, the new name Power and Energy Society was more appropriate and attractive to all participants in the industry involved in the electrical energy field.

PES Day Overview

The 1st PES Day will celebrate 10 years of the PES (Power and Energy Society) name. On April 22, 2018, we will celebrate the unity, strength and achievements of the IEEE PES family. Revolving around the PES Day, throughout the month of April we will also celebrate the rich and proud PES history running right back to the birth of IEEE in 1884 lead by pioneers like Thomas Alva Edison.

The goal of the PES Day is to engage the PES volunteers with PES history and five PES pillars of the “More Power to the Future” vision:

  • Advancing Global Participation
  • Educating the Future Workforce
  • Industry Activity Trends
  • Standards Leadership
  • Participating in Regulatory Initiatives

The PES day theme will be “More Power to the Future”. Though the PES Day falls on 22nd April, 2018, celebrations will be organized all over the globe throughout the month of April. The logo has a tower in front of the logo. This tower represents number one. The globe represents the number zero. The logo represents the 10 years of the PES name change. Finally, the PES Day theme is written on the bottom of the PES Day logo.

Figure 1: PES Day logo

The PES Day celebration will have online, local and global events. The Global PES Day events will have 4 categories.

Figure 2: PES Day activities

  • PES Day local events: The local PES Day events will be hold by PES student chapters, PES Section chapters, WIE, WIP, IEEE Student Branch, PES YP and PES members in the IEEE Sections across the world.
  • PES YP Continuing Education Program (CEP): course divided into 4 online webinars (one in each week) with focus in the Renewable Energy, Smart Grid and Power Energy topics.
  • Webinars: focus in industry, regulatory initiatives, PES programs and PES history.
  • PES Day contest.

We have the PES Day toolkit (online) to support PES Day events and PES members. You can download the PES Day toolkit here.

Figure 3: PES Day toolkit

Also, you can follow the PES Day on social media:

PES Day Ambassadors

We have 331 PES Day ambassadors in 6 categories:

  • IEEE student branch ambassadors
  • PES Student Chapter ambassadors
  • WIE (Women in Engineering) and PES WIP (Women in Power) ambassadors
  • YP (Young Professionals) ambassadors
  • IEEE Section ambassadors
  • PES Section Chapter ambassadors

The PES Day ambassadors are from 48 countries (green countries) across the world.

Figure 4: PES Day ambassadors map

Also, you can meet all PES Day ambassadors in these links:

PES Day Team

The PES Day team has 27 PES students, PES YP, PES WiP and PES senior members from 19 IEEE Sections.

Figure 5: PES Day team leaders

Figure 6: PES Day team regional leaders (IEEE Regions 1-8)

Figure 7: PES Day team regional leaders (IEEE Regions 9 and 10)

Figure 8: PES Day design team

Figure 9: PES Day web team

PES Day Event Registration

We invite all IEEE and PES members to join the PES Day celebration across the world. You can submit your PES Day event on PES Day map in this link.

Figure 10: PES Day event registration

We hope to make a great PES Day celebration with all PES members to bring more power to the future.

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” -John Lennon

Thiago Ribeiro de Alencar
PES Day chair

PES YP Membership Development Coordinator (R1-R10)