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Transformers Committee 2017 Annual Report

Chair: Stephen Antosz
Vice-Chair: Susan McNelly
Secretary: Bruce Forsyth
Treasurer: Greg Anderson
Awards/Past Chair: Donald Platts
Standards Coordinator: Jim Graham

Summary of Significant Accomplishments
-Responsible for 110+ IEEE Standards documents

  • 0 new Standards approved, 9 Revisions approved
  • 23 new PARS approved, 10 PAR Extensions approved
  • 23 open ballots
  • 57 open PARS

-Coordinated peer-reviews of 58 Transactions papers and 45 Conference papers
-Submitted applications for 3 panel sessions at 2018 IEEE PES T&D Expo, 2 were approved
-Organized into 13 Subcommittees; 120 Working Groups and Task Forces
-Held Spring & Fall meetings (New Orleans & Louisville) each with 550+ attendees, 80+ spouses

  • 72 WG/TF working meetings over two days, 75 minutes each
  • Newcomers Orientation
  • Two tutorials, 75 minutes each
  • Five technical tours
  • Multiple Spouse activities
  • Cost-effective

Benefits to Industry and PES Members from the Committee Work

The Transformers Committee is one of the largest and most active of the technical committees of the IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES). The Committee is comprised of a volunteer group of technical and managerial representatives from domestic and international manufacturers, consultants, vendors, and end-users of electrical transformers & components. The scope covers: generation, transmission, and distribution transformers; liquid-filled & dry-type; regulators; reactors; rectifiers; phase-shifting transformers; bushings; tap changers; instrument transformers; and insulating fluids. The primary function of the Committee is to develop and update standards & guidelines for the design, testing, repair, installation, operation, and maintenance of transformers and associated components that are used within the electric utility and industrial power systems. One of the Committee’s responsibilities is to develop and maintain documents contained in the IEEE C57 Standards Collection. The Committee’s work provides a crucial service to society’s need for continuing development and maintenance of a reliable, safe, and efficient power system infrastructure.

Benefits to Volunteer Participants from the Committee Work

  • Personal and professional development
  • Training and tutorials
  • Industry interactions
  • Exposure to transformer experts
  • Technical tours
  • Reasonable cost to company sponsors
  • The meetings have a technical focus andare strictly non-commercial.

Recognition of Outstanding Performance

At the Spring and Fall meetings, the Awards Chair recognized the following:

  • Solemnly made special memorial tributes to 2 members who recently passed away
  • Welcomed 18 new Transformers Committee members
  • Congratulated 1 new IEEE Fellow, to join 15 existing Fellows from our Committee
  • Presented 3 Outstanding Contributor Awards
  • Presented 1 Distinguished Service Award
  • Presented 5 General Service Awards
  • Presented IEEE-SA Standards Board Awards for 16 Projects, to 80 Individuals

Coordination with Other Entities (PES Committees, CIGRE, standards, etc.)


New Technologies of Interest to the Committee

  • GMD/GIC mitigation techniques to protect transformers in the grid from solar storms
  • Bullet-proof transformers and other measures of protection for resiliency and physical security

Significant Plans for the Next Period

  • Continue developing and maintaining IEEE Standards and Guides.
  • Officer rotations are effective on Jan 1, 2018 and we are excited to get new perspectives. Muchthanks to the departing officers and welcome to a new Secretary, Treasurer, and Meeting Planner.
  • In 2018, we will be celebrating a very special 100-year Anniversary of Transformer StandardsDevelopment. We will have a special banquet at our meeting in Pittsburgh on March 25, 2018.

Submitted by:
Stephen Antosz
Date: Jan 5, 2018