Nouredine Hadjsaid, Treasurer

The first 2018 PES Governing Board, together with the LRP meeting, was held Jan. 11-12, 2018, in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, where various governance and strategic aspects of PES, including PES finances, were discussed.

The treasurer presented the main highlights of the past year, along with the 2018 budget. These highlights included the PES 2017 Year-to-Date Finances as well as the approved 2017 special initiatives. These special initiatives are aimed at creating new value for our members. The 2017 initiatives included supporting actions such as developing standards tutorials for conferences, videotaping at the PES General Meeting, PES Student Congress in Boston, member-driven Initiatives, industry meetings, IEEE eMerit Badge and Merit Scholarship Endowment. With a special Scholarship Endowment fund reaching of $2M in 2017, these 2017 special initiatives create  an addition to the budget of about $2.2M. The 2018 PES budget is about $19M.

In 2018, the IEEE PES T&D (Transmission & Distribution) Conference and Exposition will be held April 16-19, 2018, in Denver.It is one of the world’s largest conferences for the power industry.

The IEEE PES Finances are in good shape, and as PES Executive Director Pat Ryan said, “PES has the healthiest financial outlook among all IEEE Societies,” PES being presently the second largest IEEE society. In addition, PES continues to grow with a reported 2017 rate of 7.4% representing 40% of the overall IEEE growth.

Nouredine Hadjsaid
Treasurer, IEEE Power & Energy Society