First All India PES Student Congress

IEEE Kerala Section PES Chapter Organized 1st AIPESSC’17

  • PES Student Branches-Sharing Success Stories: PES Renewable Energy in Schools (RES)
  • Keynotes on topics related to Power and Energy, Scholarship Initiatives, Volunteering
  • Industrial Visit and Cultural Candle Light Dinner

IEEE Kerala Section PES Chapter organized the 1st All India PES Student Congress’17 (Figure 1) from September 15th through September 17th, 2017. The event was held mainly to promote the activities and achievements of student branch chapters in the country and also to encourage networking of PES volunteers across the nation.

Figure 1: Attendees of the First All India PES Student Congress

The AIPESSC 2017 was held at Government Engineering Colllege, Thrissur in Kerala India. The event had an attendance of 116 IEEE Students from across the country. The event was composed of mainly four parts as described below.

Part 1: IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Initiatives and Volunteering

The following keynotes were taken by eminent volunteers (Figure 2) which illustrated about the topic they spoke about and what their role was on it.

  • “IEEE PES Scholarship Initiatives” by John Benedict (Figure 3) of IEEE PES Membership Committee.
  • “Volunteering” by R. Seenivasan, Former Chair, IEEE Kerala Section.
  • “Power Engineering Professional Accomplishment through IEEE PES” by Dr. Nagaraja Ramappa, R10 PES Student Branch Coordinator.
  • “Effective Utilization of IEEE Product and Services” by Ranjith R Nair.

Figure 2: PES Volunteers from across the country

Figure 3: John Benedict of IEEE PES Membership Committee delivering his speech on “IEEE PES Scholarship Initiatives”

Part 2: Keynotes related to Power and Energy

The following keynotes were taken by eminent professionals on topical of Power and Energy.

  • “Energy Efficiency to attain INDC” by Dharesan Unnithan, Direcctor, Energy Management Centre,Trivandram.
  • “Energy Sustainability, Energy Security & National Energy Policy” by C.Jayaraman, General Secretary,SEEM.
  • “Renewable Energy Projects” by R. Harikumar, Director, ANERT
  • “Wind Farm Development” by Ajith Gopi, ANERT

Part 3: Field Trips and Candlelit Dinners

Networking between volunteers and delegates from across the country was done by the following fun activities which were hosted by the Congress.

  • Bonfire on Day 1 (Figure 4) – Delegates danced around the bonfire to regional songs.
  • Field Trip to Poomala Dam,Thrissur on Day 2.
  • Cultural Candle Lit Dinner on Day 3 (Figure 5a) – The delegates wore traditional clothes (Figure 5b) to the candle it dinner and a cultural musical performance was put up by the hosting College.

Figure 4: PES delegates and volunteers from across the country enjoying themselves around the Bonfire

Figure 5a: Candle Lit Dinner hosted Cultural Musical Performance given by Students

Figure 5b: PES volunteers from all over India sporting traditional attire

Part 4:          PES Student Branches-Sharing Success Stories and Poster Exhibiton

The poster exhibition was held on Day 3 which illustrated the activities of the PES Student Branch Chapters which participated in the same. The students of IEEE PES Sri Sairam Engineering College (SSEC) Student Branch Chapter received the first prize for the same.

A session called “PES Student Branches – Sharing Success Stories” was held on Day 3 in which students of IEEE PES SSEC Student Branch Chapter gave a keynote presentation (Figure 6) on “The RES Experience” which gave insights into what the Renewable Energy in Schools Program was, how it was the 1st PES NwB (Networking without Borders) project and how they carried out their first RES project.

Figure 6: S.Shreyas Ramchandran of IEEE PES SSEC SB Chapter delivering his speech on “The RES Experience”

This project’s mission is to teach students in schools about alternative ways to generate energy with renewable energy.They were one of 55 PES SB Chapters from 19 countries all around the world , one among 16 PES SB Chapters from Region 10 and also the only one student branch from IEEE Madras Section, India to receive the RES educational kit.

On the 9th of August (2017), the students of Sri Sairam Engineering College (Figure 7) visited ahigh school , S.B.I.O.A Model Matric Higher Secondary School in the city of Chennai, India.

Figure 7: IEEE PES SSEC Student Chapter conducting RES program in Chennai, India

The renewable energy lesson was taught in six parts from 1 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. :

  • Basic electrical and renewable energy
  • Solar energy
  • Fuel cell
  • Internet of things
  • Practical activities with RES kit (Renewable Energy)
  • Games and quizzes were conducted based on the topics discussed

Shreyas Ramachandran
Student Chairman, IEEE PES SSEC Student Branch Chapter