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Third IEEE PES Student Congress –Call for Proposal (CFP)

The IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) invites interested non-profits to submit a proposal to host the Third IEEE PES Student Congress in 2018. The proposal requirements are described in more detail below, but each proposal should contain suggested Congress dates in 2018, descriptions of the proposed venue(s), and information about the proposed Host/Co-Sponsor – including descriptions of the individuals proposed to serve as key members of the Conference Organizing Committee and agreements regarding specific PES Student Congress Hosting Requirements.

History of First PES Student Congress
First IEEE PES Student Congress

IEEE METU Student Branch, IEEE Power and Energy Society and Middle East Technical University Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department organized the First IEEE PES Student Congress on August 29-31, 2014 at METU, Ankara, Turkey. The Congress covered technical lectures, a fair, IEEE/PES non-technical workshops, both technical and historical field trips and was sponsored by domestic electrical companies. 40 students from 22 different countries and six speakers from five countries were together for three days and increased their professional network.

Find more about the First IEEE PES Student Congress on:

Second IEEE PES Student Congress
The second edition of IEEE PES Student Congress was held on 15-17 of August 2016 at RHR Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia near to the federal administrative centre of Malaysia- Putrajaya. This congress was organized by IEEE-PES Malaysia Chapter and co-organized by Universiti Tenaga Nasional (Uniten), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) PES Student Branch Chapter. The congress covers technical lectures, non-technical talks, social event and technical trip. 68 PES student representatives from 24 countries attended the congress.

Find more about the Second IEEE PES Student Congress on:

Requirements for proposals
The following are the required components of all Proposals.  Each proposal should include, at minimum:

  1. Proposed Host/ Co-Sponsor (Hosting Entity)

Name and describe the UNIVERSITY IEEE Student Branch-related organization that will host the subject Congress in the role of the official Host/Co-Sponsor

  • Description of previous experiences regarding similarly-situated conferences (if any)
  • Plans (if any) to partner with or establish a local PES chapter
  • If the proposer is an IEEE or IEEE PES affiliate group (e.g. chapter), please provide the following additional information:
  • A listing of IEEE-affiliated meetings which the chapter has previously hosted (if any)
  • Status and activity of the group
  • Evidence of demonstrated interest in PES Conferences.
  1. Listing of Corporate and Other Patrons/Supporters (e.g. local/regional utilities and or corporations)
  • Include any promised patron/supporters
  • Include likely patron/supporters who will be solicited for support – names of targeted utility and industry champions
  1. Listing of Members of Proposed Conference Leadership Team
  • Conference Chair — Name and biographical information related to the person who will lead the conference sponsorship effort on behalf of the sponsoring entity. Be sure to include all IEEE/ IEEE PES affiliations.
  • Technical Program Chair — Name and provide biographical information related to the person who will lead the Technical Program effort, including any IEEE/IEEE PES affiliations.
  • Recommend the appointment of a co-chair responsible for industry outreach – name and biography.
  1. Proposed Host Location (Country, City)

Name and describe the proposed city, state (as applicable), and country, including signature features and attractions, weather prediction at time of conference, etc.

  1. Proposed Dates for the Conference.

Please provide the proposed opening and closing dates of the conference. It is suggested that the Third PES Student Congress 2018 take place during student breaks, but this is not prescriptive and proposers are free to identify suitable dates according to their own contributing factors.

  1. Proposed Venue Description

Name and describe the proposed site of the congress, including:

  • Detailed Description of the Proposed Location, including capacity, # of meeting rooms, prices, and availability (Include estimates/documentation from venues)
  • Description of How Venue and Site City Will Meet Pre-Determined Congress Needs in Specific Categories (e.g., large spaces for plenary sessions, receptions, meeting rooms, sleeping rooms, food & beverage needs, move-in and move-out requirements, registration requirements).
  • Description of Accessibility (From a Global Perspective) and Expected Transportation Costs.
  • Description of Plans for Companion and other extra-curricular activities, such as technical tours and tutorials.
  • Description of plans designed to enhance local community support of the conference, including planned initiatives/partnerships with local community entities (e.g., Chamber of Commerce, Tourism bureaus, etc.).
  1. Statement regarding Working Relationship With PES Chapters/Student Chapters organization

The Host/ Co-Sponsor will be directly and substantially involved in developing the Congress Technical Program. A statement should be included indicating the willingness of the Hosts to work with the PES Student Congress Committee and Advisers to develop the Congress technical program. The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) will appoint a Conference Co-Chair who will work closely with the PES Student Congress Committee and Advisers to help integrate local smart grid strengths and areas of interest.

  1. Statements Regarding SPESSC Requirements

A statement in writing of the willingness of the Host/ Co-Sponsor to agree to the following if the proposal submitted is accepted:

  • To engage and team with industry and utility experts and leaders, to secure support and participation.
  • To Ensure PES Involvement. To ensure regional and other PES member involvement in planning and supporting the conference
  • To Show Support for Conference from Local Chapters

We encourage all proposals to include information showing support from the local IEEE PES Chapter and/or IEEE Section.  PES prefers to have local IEEE-PES Chapters heavily involved in the organization of PES conferences.

  1. Statements Regarding to PES Sponsorship to SPESSC
  • PES to cover expenses for main events (as gala dinner, reception and local transport for visiting the local attraction and promotional material)
  1. SPESSC host to provide Pre-Conference Budget
  • It is expected that prior to the final approval of the Host/ Co-Sponsorship, a preliminary budget will be presented and approved by PES.

About the proposal evaluation/selection process

  • Proposals will be evaluated based on the above-described components. The Third IEE PES Student Congress Host/Site Evaluation Committee reserves the right to request additional and clarifying information from individuals who submit proposals.
  • The IEEE PES Student Congress/Site Evaluation Committee will make a site selection recommendation to the IEEE PES VP Chapters and IEEE PES Student Coordinator.
  • Please submit proposals with appropriate supporting documentation by October 20th 2017, to IEEE PES student chapters coordinator Danijel Topic at

NOTE: Electronic submission via a pdf file is required.

The final Host/ Co-Sponsor selection will be approved by PES as required by policy.  A meeting to assess and determine the final selection is expected to be held by November 10th 2017, and the successful bidder will be notified by December 15th 2017.


Please contact:
Danijel Topic, PhD – PES Student Congress Coordinator