IEEE PES Region 3 2017 Midyear Report

IEEE PES Region 3 encompasses the southeastern United States and includes the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, areas of Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and the country of Jamaica.

Region 3 PES organizations are divided as following: Twelve (12) Chapters, Nine (9) Joint Chapters and Ten (10) Student Chapters as indicated below.


2017 has been an amazing year of progress in Region 3! We have maintained activity throughout the region and, most importantly, we have expanded our reach with the creation of one more joint chapter in East Tennessee! We have kept communication with region leadership via conference calls where tutorials are provided as guidance for our chapter leaders in addition to information sharing conversations. The focus for the rest of the year will be on Young Professionals. The current plan is to increase our efforts and engagement with our Young Professionals’ base via technical activities thus encouraging them to keep technically relevant within our industry to then entice them to join chapter leadership as time and schedule permits them to do so. This effort was successfully performed with our Chattanooga chapter and will be rolled out to the region throughout 2017 and onward.

Region 3 organizational bodies are active and, on average, organize four to five technical meetings or tutorials with invited speakers. Some of the invited speakers have been IEEE PES Distinguished Lecturers!

Lessons Learned

It has been noted that monthly conference calls may not be the best way to keep contact with our different organizational bodies throughout the region. The planned implementation of quarterly conference calls to reach out to our volunteers has been excellent and will be continued for the time being.

Plans for the Future

  • Visit PES entities in the region, such as the visit done to the he Chattanooga PES chapter in January 2017.
  • Work together with PES Officials on strengthening ties with industry.
  • Work together with academia on strengthening ties with students.
  • Increase number of local experts in IEEE PES’ Distinguished Lecturer Program.
  • Increase engagement and participation of Young Professionals throughout our Region.

Daniel Diaz
IEEE PES Region 3 Representative