2017 Women in Power Events in Latin America

PES Women in Power’s mission is to advance the world through the creativity and innovation of diverse leadership, and to foster the careers, connections, and talent of women in the Power Industry to achieve their full potential to become the leaders of the future.

During this year, IEEE PES Women in Power Latin America has been very active. Highlights of our activities can be seen below. We are always looking for colleagues willing to collaborate with us by presenting webinars on technical topics, participating in PES conferences,


On May 16, Dr. Guadalupe González (WiP R9 Representative) participated in the 1st edition of the International Summit of Numerical Women organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Woman Entrepreneurs of Haiti. The purpose of this event was to discuss key topics in digital technology in the context of Haitian women entrepreneurs.

The event had speakers from various countries such as USA, Trinidad and Tobago, Brasil, Panama, Canada, among others.

International Summit of Numerical Women


  • Women in Power Week Peru was held May 22nd to May 26th with eight conferences given by women that work in the Electrical Sector of Peru. This event was attended by professionals, students and the general public interested in the electric sector.

  • On May 25, IEEE WIE Peru in collaboration with PES UNI, WIE UNI, and Women in Power developed a tutorial on Renewable Energies for school students at the I.E. Esther Caceres Salgado School. The Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria (UNI) is working towards involving more youngsters to learn about engineering.

  • On June 1, Women in Engineering, Women in Power R9 and Women in RAS joined efforts to empower Women in Engineering through a series of webinars organized by WIE Peru.


On June 7th, our colleagues of IEEE PES Costa Rica promoted IEEE PES, including Women in Power, during Expo Elvatron 2017 in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Upcoming Events



  • Course on “Sustainable Energy and Associated Technologies” by Dr. Guadalupe González
  • Date: Aug. 14-15, 2017
  • For more information: administracion@ieee.org.pe