The IEEE PES UNIFACS Student Leaders Promote the Academic Tourism to Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant

The Academic Tourism is an initiative of the Student Leaders, which has a major objective to bring the engineering students closer to their future professional experience. To disseminate knowledge, IEEE PES UNIFACS had volunteered together with the Electrical Academic Directory and promoted the technical visit to the Itaipu Hydroelectric Complex from January 23 to 26, 2017 where students were able to experience and understand the concepts learned in class. As the current largest generator of Clean and Renewable Energy in the world, Itaipu was chosen to be the destination of students of the electrical engineering course.

Students after the Internal Visit at Itaipu’s Plant

The Itaipu Hydroelectric Complex is located on the border between two countries Brazil and Paraguay. Starting from an agreement between the governments in 1974, the agreement for construction of one of the largest generator of Electric Energy in the world, it has been sealed. Now it has an installed capacity of 14,000 MW. With this kind of information, organizers and heads of academic tourism planned the trip where everyone could stay and enjoy the city of Foz do Iguaçu.

Panoramic photo of a part of the Itaipu dam

The tour ended up yielding a lot of repercussion within the School of Engineering of the Salvador University- UNIFACS, where participants of that tour could be mentioned by the Coordinator of the Electrical Engineering M.Sc. Paulo Andrade, as an example of Management to be followed.

Lecture about the current energy production potential of Itaipu Power Plant

These activities can be considered as a great promotion of extracurricular components, especially the in-person presence of the students in these activities have increased their level of knowledge, networking and offered a greater interaction with other means to possible areas of activity in the field of power and energy.

Photo of the responsible for the organization of Academic Tourism. All volunteers from IEEE PES UNIFACS Student Chapter.

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