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Meeting of PES Student Leaders in Colombia

The meeting promoted PES support programs for its volunteers.

In Bogota, Colombia, on Friday, April 7, in the IEEE room of the Student Branch of the Universidad Distrital, the IEEE PES Membership Development Committee led a talk to the leaders of the PES student chapters in the central region of Colombia. In the talk, Luis Felipe Gaitan, one of the representatives of the committee in the Latin American Region, shared his experiences participating in the different PES initiatives addressed to his students and extended an invitation to increase the number of participants.

PES Student Leaders in the Central Region of Colombia

During the talk the PES High Performance Student Branch Chapter Program, the PES Member Driven Initiatives, the activities of the Women in Power group, and others were presented. The talk was attended by PES leaders from the Universidad Distrital Faculty of Engineering, Distrital Faculty of Technology, National University, Colombian School of Engineering, “Nueva Granada” Military University and El Bosque University.

In addition to being an exhibition space where they talked about the organization of PES activities and the training and strengthening of student chapters, the participants shared their experiences in the development of PES activities. The event offered a meeting space which benefited both the younger chapters and chapters those are in the process of being created. Moreover, it helped to strengthen the relationships among the chapters and encouraged participation of more volunteers in PES activities around the world.

L.F. Gaitan
IEEE PES Membership Development Committee