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Mariesa Crow, VP of Publications

May-GovBd-MariesaYou have probably already noticed that this month’s eNewsletter has a different look. To greet the new year, we have rolled out a new look and feel to better serve our members. In the coming months, look for short articles on a variety of aspects of our PES life. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please send comments to Mariesa Crow (crow@ieee.org).

Other changes include updates to the Power & Energy magazine. The Power & Energy Society just issued its first translation of the Power & Energy magazine. A big thanks goes out to our team on the ground who are serving as the Spanish editorial board: Enrique Tejera (chair), Gustavo Valverde, and Guadalupe Gonzalez. In the future, we plan to expand our Spanish version to include articles of a regional interest to better serve our Region 9 members.

Our newest journal, the open access IEEE Power & Energy Technology Systems Journal (PETS) is off to a solid start and we expect this journal to receive the same high recognition as our other journals. This journal focuses on the technology aspects of power systems with a heavy emphasis on industry practices.  The PETS journal is a technical journal containing practice-oriented articles focusing on the development, planning, design, construction, maintenance, installation and operation of equipment, structures, materials and power systems. This journal is an excellent publication forum for our many industry authors. Open access articles are provided with unrestricted online access through IEEE Xplore.  Please consider submitting a paper to this journal.  Questions may be forward to the editor-in-chief Scott Sudhoff (sudhoff@ecn.purdue.edu).

Our five transactions continue to have a strong showing in their impact factors. Our editorial boards are doing excellent work in reviewing papers in a timely manner.  Please register in manuscript central if you would like to be considered as a reviewer for a particular journal.  We always need willing volunteers!

We’d like to recognize the following Outstanding Reviewers for 2016:

IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion

  1. Abdel-Khalik, Ayman
  2. Akatsu, Kan
  3. Atkinson, David J.
  4. Chen, Po-Chen
  5. Duran, Mario J.
  6. Elbouchikhi, Elhoussin
  7. Elgendy, Mohammed
  8. Faiz, Jawad
  9. Gao, Fei
  10. Ge, Xiao
  11. Hasan, Maher
  12. Karmaker, Haran
  13. Kim, Taesic
  14. Komatsu, Yosuke
  15. Komeza, Krzysztof
  16. Kuperman, Alon
  17. Kurz, Stefan
  18. Li, Qi
  19. Lu, Qinfen
  20. Ma, Chengbin
  21. Mahmoud, Yousef
  22. Onori, Simona
  23. Papathanassiou, Stavros
  24. Puumala, Veikko
  25. Salah, Mohamed
  26. Sanchis, Pablo
  27. Yao, Jun
  28. Zhou, Zhibin

IEEE Transactions on Power Systems

  1. Ali Abur, Northeastern University, USA
  2. Alberto Borghetti, University of Bologna, Italy
  3. Shahab Dehghan, Islamic Azad University, Iran
  4. Andre Luiz Diniz, CEPEL, Brazil
  5. Yury Dvorkin, University of Washington, USA
  6. Mevludin Glavic, University of Liege, Belgium
  7. Maurice Huneault, IREQ, Canada
  8. Thomas John, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  9. George Korres, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
  10. Zhigang Li, South China University of Technology, China
  11. Jakub Marecek, IBM Research, Ireland
  12. Rodrigo Ramos, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
  13. Esther Romero-Ramos, University of Sevilla, Spain
  14. Kevin Schneider, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA
  15. Paul Trodden, University of Sheffield, UK
  16. Cheng Wang, Tsinghua University, China
  17. Yi Wang, Tsinghua University, China
  18. Jinye Zhao, ISO New England, USA
  19. Ning Zhou, Binghamton University, USA

IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy

  1. Mohsen Azizi
  2. Siqi Bu
  3. Fernando de Marco
  4. Yury Dvorkin
  5. Ali Karimi
  6. Masoud Karimi Ghartemani
  7. Andres Leon
  8. Canbing Li
  9. Yateendra Mishra
  10. Ehsan Nasrolahpour
  11. Duong Tung Nguyen
  12. Sébastien Olaya
  13. Nikolaos Paterakis
  14. David Pozo
  15. John Ringwood
  16. Amir Safdarian
  17. Agustín Sánchez de la Nieta
  18. Akin Tascikaraoglu
  19. Fernanda Trindade

IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery

  1. Xianjun Zhang
  2. Lennart Harnefors
  3. Jef Beerten
  4. Michael Merlin
  5. Udaya Kumar
  6. George Gela
  7. Peerawut Yutthagowith
  8. Jean Mahseredjian
  9. Ben R Shperling
  10. Abdul Mannan Rauf
  11. Ahmed Moawwad
  12. Jorge Martinez G.
  13. Joe Meisner
  14. Mark McVey
  15. Mike Hulse
  16. Paul Judge
  17. Ataollah Mokhberdoran
  18. Terence O’ Donnell
  19. Po-Chen Chen
  20. Gabriel J. Benmouyal
  21. Jing Yong
  22. Stavros A Papathanassiou
  23. Sukumar M Brahma
  24. Manish Mohanpurkar
  25. Robin Roche
  26. Rong Cai
  27. Neil Browne
  28. Fernando N Belchior
  29. Fernanda Trindade
  30. Abdualah S Aljankaway
  31. Charles F. Henville
  32. Chengzong Pang
  33. Normann Fischer
  34. Yuan Liao
  35. Bostjan Polajžer
  36. Mert Korkali
  37. Carlos Kleber Costa Arruda
  38. Alberto De Conti
  39. Jose de Jesus Chavez
  40. Sadegh Azizi
  41. George N. Korres
  42. Ali Hooshyar

IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid

  1. Jalal Kazempour
  2. Qinglai Guo
  3. Atti Edris
  4. Jun Yan
  5. Hassan Karim Youssef
  6. Sadegh Jamali
  7. Ali Hooshyar
  8. Lin Zhu
  9. Bin Wang
  10. Morad Abdelaziz
  11. Xinwei Shen
  12. Diego Hidalgo Rodriguez
  13. Cheng Wang
  14. Jiajun Duan
  15. Sleiman Mhanna
  16. Tomislav Capuder
  17. Bin Zhou
  18. Wenchuan Wu
  19. Ozan Erdinc
  20. Miadreza Shafie-khah
  21. Farzam Nejabatkhah
  22. Yury Dvorkin
  23. Xiangqi Zhu
  24. Kui Wu
  25. Igor Kuzle
  26. Hung-Ming Chou
  27. Qinran Hu
  28. Wei Du
  29. Liang Che
  30. Bai Cui
  31. David Pozo
  32. Wei Wei
  33. Salar Fattahi
  34. Yan Xu
  35. Junhua Zhao
  36. Ali Abur
  37. Ahmadreza Tabesh
  38. Bo Chen
  39. Yusheng Luo
  40. Murat Göl
  41. Alberto Urdaneta
  42. Armando Guzman
  43. Ewald Fuchs
  44. Reza Jalilzadeh Hamidi
  45. Can Wan
  46. Changhong Zhao
  47. Hossein Farzin