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Call for Awards

By Damir Novosel, Juan Carlos Montero Quirós and Vahid Madani

Dear PES members:

IEEE PES is ending 2016 with great success, and we look forward to greater achievements in the coming years.

As we transition to 2017, we have exciting news.  We want to first extend a big “Thank You” to our outgoing Awards Chair, Mr. Don Morrow, for exceptional years of carrying out the leadership torch.  Don has passed the role to Dr. Vahid Madani whom many of you may know him from variety of volunteer IEEE activities including PSRC, Smart Grid Standards, and as our former Chair of the PES Fellows. Special thanks also to Shanon Nason of PES,, whom continues to quietly manage the tasks of PES Awards and maintains a diary list of activities related to the Awards process.

Before we review highlights for the 2017 PES Awards, on behalf of the IEEE PES members, Standards Association, and the PES Governing Board, we wanted to extend a sincere Congratulation to the 2016 Awards recipients and our IEEE Fellows for their exemplary achievements in their respective fields,  Each of these individuals accomplishments have  gone through extensive nomination and review process.  We are very proud to be associated with them.  “Congratulations  and Hoorays”.

We also extend our most sincere salutation and kudos to many volunteers that help with the success of the PES Awards including the nominators, reference writers, endorsees, local chapters, and peers that volunteer numerous hours of personal time.  We cherish your passion and thank you for helping PES with your remarkable energy and commitments. Please continue your support and keep up the great work.  Thank You!!

Summary of upcoming enhancements

As we transition to 2017, there are new improvements that PES Awards is considering.  Some of the progress will become noticeable by first quarter 2017, and some of the enhancements are more long term and are planned for roll out before the PES GM that we are extremely excited to share with you. In light of the technological advancements across the entire PES, the sustainability of the DER, successful Smart Grid integrations, and many natural calamity disasters and events including Geomagnetic disturbances, many eyes are on PES.  IEEE PES produces approximately 50% of our industry’s Guides and Standards, and we are the second largest society in the IEEE.  With your help and ideas to improve our process, we will make PES even more visible, increase our membership, increase our Awards nominees, and if needed increase number of Awards categories.  In addition to the IEEE PES Fellows, IEEE PES has 23 Awards and Scholarships.  The planned Awards related enhancements range from streamlining the Nomination and Evaluation process by aligning start and completion timelines of the nomination, making Awards nomination on-line submission, introducing web based tutorials to improve / increase nomination, to promoting more industry scientists and practitioner recognition, to an easier look and feel web site specific to the PES Awards.  We will also look at ways to make it easier to submit your ideas related to the Awards.

The alignment process planned will not affect the 2017 nomination and review process.  There is still time if you are thinking of nominating your colleagues.  Please refer to the PES Awards web site for more information and other useful information (

IEEE PES and Leadership remain committed to recognizing outstanding contributions and to help elevate our great work more visible to our corporations and institutions that make it possible for all of us to volunteer our time and energy.

In addition to leveraging opportunities to meet with you in person at various PES Events across all IEEE Regions, we intend to use established PES process such as the P&E magazine, PES Social Media and PES website for communicating more detailed announcements and in-depth information about the enhancements.  Stay tuned.