Wind and Solar Power Coordinating Committee


Entity: Wind and Solar Power Coordinating Committee

Chair: Richard Piwko
Vice-Chair: Bob Zavadil
Secretary: Durgesh Manjure
Technical Committee Program Chair: Andrew Leon

The role of the WSPCC is two-fold: 1) to coordinate the wind and solar power activities of technical committees within PES to ensure that issues critical to the industry are being addressed while minimizing overlap in their activities, and 2) to ensure work done in IEEE PES on wind and solar power is also coordinated with other relevant industry groups such as AWEA, UVIG, NREL to mention a few. The WSPCC fulfills its responsibilities by providing a forum for the leaders of the many wind and solar groups within PES as well as from other industry groups to share progress of ongoing activities and to collaborate on plans to initiate new activities. Since its creation in 2005, WSPCC has ensured that knowledge and information are shared by the various PES technical committees pursuing activities involving wind and solar power and that liaisons are maintained with important wind and solar groups outside of the PES.

As part of a reorganization plan for PES technical committees, it was proposed that WSPCC be moved to a subcommittee under Energy Development and Power Generation committee. The consensus of WSPCC leaders and members is that the WSPCC has been very successfully accomplishing its mission within the present PES structure as a coordinating committee. There is a serious concern that moving WSPCC’s coordination responsibilities into EDPG committee would reduce the level of cooperation that WSPCC presently enjoys with other technical committees, as WSPCC and EDPG would be viewed as competitors for wind and solar scope. The WSPCC committee voted to remain a coordinating committee under PES and not move to EDPG.

1. Significant Accomplishments:
In 2005, PES had only one working group focused on wind power and no working groups on solar power. Given the rapid growth of wind and solar power, WSPCC has been working to grow wind and solar activities within PES, and to instigate/facilitate sharing of technical knowledge related to the interconnection and integration of wind and solar power into bulk power grids. As of 2015, there are 20 individual subcommittees, working groups and taskforces that address various aspects of wind and solar power within 10 PES technical committees. See Table 1 in the full report (PDF).

There were 17 wind and solar sessions (tutorials, paper sessions, panel sessions) at the 2015 PES General Meeting in Denver (see Table 2). In addition, there were 18 wind and solar related committee meetings at 2015 PES General Meeting (see Table 3).

For full report, including tables, see the full report (PDF)…