Region 6 Chapter Report

Naim Logic

The IEEE PES Region 6 has 22 PES Chapters in the western U.S.

Geographically, it covers the states of HI, AK, WA, MT, OR, ID, WY, CA, NV, UT, AZ, and NM. One Chapter representative covers 3 states: ID, OR, and WA. There is a need to have one more Chapter representative, but so far I wasn’t able to find volunteer for this position. As reminder, previous years Region 6 had two Chapter representatives.

Most PES chapters in the region 6 are very active providing technical and social service to local members, showing the benefits of being a PES member.

Three of these chapters are joint chapters.

Twenty chapters established their web sites.

In addition, there are seven Student PES branches established in the Region 6.

As result of such activities:

– The San Francisco, CA Chapter is recognized as winner of the 2015 Outstanding Large Chapter Award for its outstanding performance under the leadership of Chapter Chair Jack Lin and the Chapter Administrative Committee. The Chapter leadership recruited volunteers from local regulatory, utility, consultant, vendor and university organizations to reinvigorate interest and provide a wide range of activities and services to PES members and the power community in the San Francisco bay area.


In addition to this:

– The Boise, ID Chapter is recognized as runner-up of the 2015 Outstanding Small Chapter Award for its outstanding performance under the leadership of Chapter Chair Milorad Papic and the other Chapter officers.

In General, the PES Chapters in Region 6 did a great job in 2015. It is expecting that the momentum will continue in 2016 to further improve the chapter activities to provide more benefits to our PES members.

Some interesting educational program is: “Large‐Scale Microgrids – Design and Deployment”, technical workshop: “Idaho’s Role in Nuclear: Clean Energy Powered by the Next Generation”, technical presentations: “Oregon State University’s Small Modular Nuclear Reactor Experimental Program”, “Engineers for a Sustainable Future”, and so on…

Besides helping chapter officers in their volunteer efforts I was active as:

– Chair of the PES Scholarship Plus Program Regional Selection Subcommittee, and

– Evaluating nominations of candidates for speakers in Distinguished Lecturer Program – DLP.