IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Initiative Update

The IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Initiative recognizes highly qualified electrical engineering undergraduate students with multi-year scholarships and assists in connecting them with relevant and meaningful career experiences.

2016 PES Scholarship Recipients

The IEEE Power & Energy Society Scholarship Plus Initiative, a Signature Program of the IEEE Foundation, is proud to announce the awarding of scholarships for the 2016-17 academic school year to 230 undergraduate students at 110 universities across the USA, Canada & Puerto Rico.   For the first time ever, more than 25% of the recipients are female.  The complete list of recipients is available online.



PES John W. Estey Outstanding Scholar Award Recipients

Seven (7) individuals have been identified as the PES Scholarship Plus Initiative John W. Estey Outstanding Scholars for 2016-2017.    These individuals were selected as the top PES Scholar from their Region. The IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Initiative John W. Estey Outstanding Scholars are:

· Catherine Ambrose, North Carolina State University (Region 3)

· Kennedy Caisley, University of Idaho (Region 6)

· Kelly Higginbotham, University of Connecticut (Region 1)

· Zachariah Lakel, University of Colorado @ Boulder (Region 5)

· Gabrielle Madden, Drexel University (Region 2)

· Abigail Wild, University of Saint Thomas (Region 4)

· Yilin Zhao, University of Calgary (Region 7)

More information on these students is available on the PES Scholarship Plus Website.


2016/17 Schweitzer Meritorious Scholars

Below are the students who have been selected as Schweitzer Meritorious Scholars by IEEE region, including their names, schools and expected graduation year.

Region 1 (Northeastern USA)

· Kelly Higinbotham, University of Connecticut, May 2018

· Ami Vyas, Boston University, May 2017

Region 2 (Mid-Atlantic USA)

· Matthew Marcou, Drexel University, June 2017

· Mary Scherer, Ohio State University, May 2017

Region 3 (Southeastern USA)

· Ryan Bailey, University of North Carolina – Charlotte, May 2018

· Oceane Boulais, Florida Atlantic University, August 2017

· Molly Fink, Georgia Institute of Technology,  May 2017

· Kyle Swezey, University of South Florida, May 2017

Region 4 (Mid-West USA)

· Amanda Beck, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, May 2017

· Abigail Wild, University of Saint Thomas, May 2017

Region 5 (Southwestern USA)

· Benjamin Jack, Texas A&M University, May 2017

Region 6 (Western USA)

· Alexa Aguilar, University of Idaho, May 2017

· Christopher Ellis, University of California San Diego, June 2017

· Ryan Fraser, Gonzaga University, May 2017

· Erika Isom, Washington State University, May 2017

· Christopher Knox, Washington State University, May 2017

· Jared Mahoney, University of Idaho, December 2017

· Tobin Meyers, Arizona State University, May 2019

Region 7 (Canada)

· Yilin Zhao,  University of Calgary,  June 2018

Region 9 (Puerto Rico)

· Carlos A. Falto Valentin, University of Puerto Rico, December 2017

PES Scholar Alumni Profile by Sarah Szewczyknovscholarship3

2011 PES Scholar – University of Washington

What is your current job & what are you doing?

I work as an engineer for a large west coast utility in Transmission Operations. I work in our Energy Management Systems group supporting real-time operations developing and maintaining our transmission grid system models to enhance situational awareness and to ensure that system operators are able to operate the grid reliably and safely.

How being selected as a PES Scholar impacted you?

Being a PES Scholar elevated my confidence in my skills and abilities in this field. I came to the utilities industry from a completely unrelated industry-I like to tell people that when I took my first EE class, I didn’t even know what a resistor was. Being a PES Scholar made me realize that I had come a long way from that first EE class and helped me understand how far I had come in my learning.

What do you like about being in the power industry?

I like the service that the power industry provides to society. I also really like that there are ample opportunities at this point in time to re-imagine what the grid will look like in the future. Our industry is seeing rapid change and there is a lot of room to grow and challenge oneself professionally in the power industry. There is always an opportunity to learn more