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Women in Power: Anika Zima

AprilLatestWiP2My name is Anika Zima. I was born in Chicago, Illinois in the summer of 1993. I received my B.S. in Physics from North Park University in May of 2015. In my free time I enjoy riding my bicycle to free events Chicago has to offer, eating sushi, taking my dogs on long walks, and any activity that involves adventure and the outdoors. I am currently employed by Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) as an academic intern working in the Smart Grid and Technology department surrounded by a group of brilliant, passionate, and inspiring women who introduced me to Women in Power (WiP).

Growing up in Chicago and attending public schools from K-12 grade, I was immersed in all varieties of culture and atmosphere that the city has to offer.  I also had the chance to visit many of the museums throughout Chicagoland, my favorite being the Museum of Science and Industry.  It was there that my passion for math and science was confirmed.  In high school, I joined the Math and Science program that was offered and continued on the theme when I chose to study Physics in college.

Having studied Physics, I had a number of classes that touched briefly on a wide variety of topics, such as: AprilLatestWiPQuantum Mechanics, Modern Physics, Electromagnetism, Statistical Thermodynamics, and Dynamics.  Despite the fact that most of my classes covered theoretical physics there was one class where I was able to gain a view on the beauty of Electrical Engineering.  This class, called Circuits, taught me about voltage, current, power, etc., as well as allowing me hands on experience to build my own circuits from start to finish.  I enjoyed the hands on work that Electrical Engineering had to offer, as well as the mathematics side of it.

Working at ComEd as an academic intern is my first experience in the Power and Energy Industry and it is my hope that I will gain the knowledge and experience I need to jumpstart my career.  In May 2016, I will attend my first IEEE T&D PES conference where I hope to gain knowledge, as well as connections.  I am lucky enough to be under the wing of many strong women involved in WiP.  With their guidance I believe that I will be able to pursue a career within the Power and Energy Industry.  I have discovered that WiP is not just a membership; by joining WiP you gain lifelong mentors and role models who will always encourage you to do your best and guide you throughout your career.  I would encourage any young women beginning their career in Power and Energy to join WiP and take advantage of all that they have to offer!