TC Reorganization Update

In late 2012 the PES Technical Council began looking at its committee’s structure and coordination. They identified overlaps between groups and gaps where key technologies were not being covered adequately. After considerable effort looking at committee scopes, projects and creating technology mapping information between committees. A plan was formulated to address these issues.  The IEEE PES Governing Board approved the reorganization of the PES Technical Committees in January of this year.

The Power System Communications and Cybersecurity Committee is a new committee that was created as a result of the re-alignment.  Initially this committee will be made up of the entire former Power System Communications Committee, part of the C (Data Acquisition, Processing, and Control Systems) Subcommittee of the Substations Committee, and part of the H (Relaying Communications) Subcommittee of the Power System Relaying Committee.  The new committee will cover aspects of communications including the physical layer, protocols, interoperability, profiles and mapping, architecture, and cybersecurity.

The work that has been going on in these other committee’s will continue as before until all restructuring has been completed.  We hope to have our first meeting together as one committee at the JTCM in New Orleans in January 2017.

The officers have been put in place.  Please contact them if you are interested or have any questions:

Past Chair: Dan Nordell,
Chair: Mike Dood,
Vice Chair: Ken Fodero,
Secretary: Craig Preuss,