IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Initiative Update

The IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Initiative recognizes highly qualified electrical engineering undergraduate students with multi-year scholarships and assists in connecting them with relevant and meaningful career experiences. Since the program launched in 2011, 587 students received 942 scholarships have from more than 150 universities, including Ivy League colleges, flagship state universities and prestigious engineering colleges.

2016 Application is Open

april2016scholarship1We are now accepting applications from undergraduate students in the US, Puerto Rico & Canada for the PES Scholarship Plus Initiative. We would love to have a recipient from each US State, Puerto Rico and all Canadian Provinces in 2016.  The deadline to submit an application is 30 June 2016.

IEEE PES Scholar Profile – Anna Towle – University of Vermont

mayscholarship1Anna is senior electrical engineering major (2016) at the University of Vermont.  She has  a strong focus on power systems and renewable energy with hopes of working in the smart grid industry.

Why did you choose to study engineering and the power engineering field? 

I have always been interested in renewable energy technology and decided during my freshman year that the best way to work with renewables was through electrical engineering. During my junior and senior year I have been exposed to power engineering and working with the power grid and have narrowed my focus down to smart grid/renewable energy integration.

What do you love about the power engineering field?   What excites you about being involved in the PE field?

I love that the power grid is at a critical tipping point right now- the future holds many options for updating the grid, especially with a view towards smart grid and adding more renewable energy. Working with such large amounts of data and complex optimization algorithms has a lot of potential, and I love getting to experiment with simulations that so accurately represent the grid.

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Donor Profile – Doble Engineeringmayscholarship2.jpg

Doble Engineering Company was founded in 1920 on the principles of providing solutions, services and knowledge to the electric power industry. Doble has devoted itself to the education of the current and future industry workforce through its own training seminars, university partnerships, and scholarship programs including the IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Initiative.

“The power industry is changing, with new demands and new technology,” said David B. Zabetakis, President of Doble Engineering Company. “In 10 to 15 years, this industry is going to look completely different and to prepare for that we will need a combination of new skills from the next generation of engineers and the expertise of the existing workforce.”

Doble, with operations around the globe, is based in Watertown, Massachusetts, with its annual contribution supporting students in Region 1. With its commitment to education and the sharing of knowledge, Doble has been a proud supporter of this program since its inception.

“We like to remind our employees and our customers that we all need to be ambassadors for our industry, letting students know how exciting it is to do what we do, and share with them the critical role we all play in maintaining the electric power grid,” continued Zabetakis. “As industry ambassadors, we are proud to support the IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Initiative, doing all that we can to educate and train the engineers of tomorrow.”

View Dave’s remarks about the Scholarship Plus Initiative from the 83rd International Conference of Doble Clients –