Intelligent Grid Coordinating Committee Report

IEEE Power Engineering Society
Entity Annual Report

Entity: Intelligent Grid Coordinating Committee
Chair: Doug Houseman
Vice-Chair: Nouredine Hadjsaid
Secretary: Steve Pullins

1. Significant Accomplishments:
1) The IGCC continued to work with the iCAID for DC@Home, the second draft of the report will go to the team members in March 2016
2) The IGCC started an update of the future tech for Smart Grid, white paper to be published in October 2016
3) The IGCC setup the initial IEEE Smart Cities conference in Paris, France in October 2016, right now it looks like it will be fully subscribed
4) The IGCC reviewed over 200 technical papers, most of the work falling on approximately 8 members of the IGCC.
5) Completed and delivered 6 new 4 hour tutorials on grid modernization
6) Agreed to merge with the ETCC and started the process to complete the merger
7) Worked to get GridVision 2050 back from SA to update and re-issue
8) Drafted several sections of the IEEE’s response to the QER
9) Setup and moderated the Late Breaking News Super Session at the GM
10) Setup and will run panel sessions at ISGT, T&D, and GM
11)Ran tutorials at 9 student chapters and 8 local chapters, as well as in China, and Australia.

2. Benefits to Industry and PES Members from the Committee Work:
The future tech white paper will provide a basis for committee discussions and future standards

3. Benefits to Volunteer Participants from the Committee Work:
Committee members had strong input to the roadmap. Many are burned out from the volume of technical papers that require review.

4. Recognition of Outstanding Performance:
1) Nouredine Hadjsaid for his work on the Smart Cities Conference and the merger of the ETCC and the IGCC
2) David Nichols for his work on the future tech initial outline
3) Grant Gilcrest for his work on illustrations for various white papers and tutorials

5. Coordination with Other Entities (PES Committees, CIGRE, standards, etc.):
1) IGCC worked with 17 of the other technical committees, the Standards Association (on DC@Home). They also held discussions with DOE on the QER
2) Had a discussion with CIGRE and EPRI about a joint futuring workshop

6. New Technologies of Interest to the Committee:
1) So far approximately 50 new or updated technologies have been identified that should be distributed to the various Technical Committees.

7. Significant Plans for the Next Period:
1) Complete Phase I of the DC@Home project (delayed from 2015)
2) Finish the consolidation of the IGCC and ETCC
3) Help complete the committee re-organization for the TC
4) Create a series of webinars that can be recorded for replay
5) Develop a tutorial to explain DC use in residential dwellings and a DC Micro-grid tutorial

8. Problems and Concerns:
1) The quantity of papers submitted continues to grow at approximately 35% per year
2) The value of the papers submitted continues to decline rapidly, with most lacking any real value to the industry
3) ICGG because of the paper load will have a hard time finding a vice chair in 2016

Submitted by: Steve Pullins
Date: January 10, 2016