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Mariesa Crow, VP of Publications

MarchGovBdPublications are one of the primary services that IEEE PES provides it members. We continually strive to make our publications a greater value and more accessible to a larger audience. Some of the improvements we’ve made over the last few years include:

  • Updated scopes: The Transactions on Energy Conversion and the Transactions on Power Delivery have both updated their scopes to better reflect current technology trends.
  • Author Education: We’ve pursued several avenues to reach out to current and future authors. Saifur Rahman (President-Elect) gave an excellent webinar on writing quality technical articles. This webinar is archived for public viewing at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-HQq3iHzVY&feature=youtu.be A Publications Open Forum will be held at the IEEE PES General Meeting in Denver for members to meet all of the journal Editor-in-Chiefs to ask questions and learn about recent developments.
  • Webinars: We are initiating a Webinar series to highlight high impact papers from each of the journals and magazines. We are looking to offer the webinars in multiple time zones and languages to appeal to audiences across the globe. The first webinars in the series should be announced within the next month.
  • Manuscript Central: Several of the Transactions Editor-in-Chiefs have been experimenting with alternative review approaches to provide better feedback to authors. Wilsun Xu of IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery has spearheaded many of these efforts. Please send any comments or suggestions that you have to him at wxu@ualberta.ca.
  • New Editor-in-Chiefs: We welcome two new EICs into the PES Publications family. Iqbal Hussain replaces Saifur Rahman as EIC of the Electrification Magazine and Nikos Hatziargyriou replaces Antonio Conejo as EIC of Transactions on Power Systems. We extend a warm thanks to both Saifur and Antonio for their leadership in both these periodicals.
  • Power and Energy Technology Journal: Our newest journal is off to a solid start. This Open Access journal publishes papers on practical applications of technology. Industry authors who are looking for a forum to discuss case studies, test results, best-practices, or other application-oriented topics are encouraged to consider this journal for their work.
  • Journal Quality: Our journals continue to lead the IEEE in quality. Our journals continue to show a steady climb in impact factor and our submission numbers are increasing. However, increased submissions require a large number of reviewers, so if you’d like to review papers, please register yourself in Manuscript Central.

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Total Submissions (last five years) All IEEE journals