IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Initiative Update

The IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Initiative recognizes highly qualified electrical engineering undergraduate students with multi-year scholarships and assists in connecting them with relevant and meaningful career experiences. Since the program launched in 2011, 587 students received 942 scholarships have from more than 150 universities, including Ivy League colleges, flagship state universities and prestigious engineering colleges.

2016 Application is Open

We are now accepting applications from undergraduate students in the US, Puerto Rico & Canada for the PES Scholarship Plus Initiative. We would love to have a recipient from each US State, Puerto Rico and all Canadian Provinces in 2016. The deadline to submit an application is 30 June 2016.

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IEEE PES Scholar – Travis Johnston, University of Missouri-St. Louis – Graduated December 2015

I love the power engineering field because there are so many opportunities and a high demand for young engineers. I am always learning consistently about topics such as solar energy, wind energy, hydro energy, and energy storage. The list just keeps going on and on, and never stops, and these are one of the reasons that I love the power engineering field. When I drive on the road, I analyze the power lines and imagine how the electricity is distributed to a specific location is another reason that I am passionate for the power engineering field. What excites me the most are new technologies that the power engineering field will offer in the future. I am always wondering will there be an electric vehicle that will be able to fly, or a battery that will last forever. I am glad to be part of a field that discovers new technologies in order to benefit society.

A donation to the IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Initiative could be doubled or tripled if you are able to use your company’s matching gift program – Click here to see if your company will match your donation!

Corporate Profile – New York Independent
System Operators (NYISO) marchscholarship2

Fueling a Passion for Power

The energy industry is poised on the edge of a challenging, exciting, and innovative transformation—but what happens to that change without enough professionals to support it?

Energy executives across the country are seeking ways to bolster recruitment and address significant levels of retiring workforce. The New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) plays a role by supporting the IEEE Power & Energy Society’s Scholarship Plus Initiative.

The electric industry needs a new generation of workers with engineering, science, and technology skills. All our efforts are needed to fuel passion in an industry that faces unique obstacles and opportunities. The IEEE PES Scholarship Plus program offers scholarships and real world experience to undergraduates who are interested in power and energy engineering careers. We, along with many other organizations in the energy industry, benefit from this program, which is harnessing the interest of students and demonstrating how far they can carry their work in the field.

Recruiting young engineering professionals to the NYISO is vital to sustaining system reliability and market efficiency. In addition to financial assistance, the PES scholarship gives students the chance to intern with organizations such as ours, and see how their contributions make a meaningful difference.

There never has been a more exciting time to work in the electric energy industry. Advancements in technology are reshaping the electric system. Our competitive electricity markets have contributed to New York State’s initiatives to grow renewable energy. Using cutting-edge technologies and forecasting processes, the NYISO has earned recognition as a global leader in wind power integration.

These advancements all will be furthered by the next generation of electric industry professionals. The PES Scholarship program enhances the education of that next generation. The NYISO is proud to support these educational opportunities through IEEE PES.


Career Experiences for PES Scholars

Getting students to participate in career experience opportunities is fundamental to the success of the Initiative. The objective of the career experience program is to expand the number of available career experience opportunities for students, particularly by companies that may not have been offering them in the past, to provide an efficient way for companies to supplement their own career experience programs, and to encourage companies to increase their efforts to build the pipeline of students interested in power engineering careers.

If your company has an internship program, please visit PES Careers. PES Careers is uniquely designed to help students find a power engineering job after graduation (or career experiences while a student), and to help employers efficiently find the best candidates for those positions. IEEE PES offers PES Careers without charge as a service to students and their future employers, and to help address emerging engineering workforce challenges.

2016 Student Industry Faculty Luncheon & Job Fair

Preparing students for power and energy engineering careers, and connecting top quality students with potential employers are driving objectives for the Student Industry Faculty Luncheon with Job Fair for Students at the IEEE PES General Meeting which will be held on 20 July at the Sheraton Boston Hotel in Boston, MA. The job fair provides a forum for employers and students who share a common interest in the power and energy industry to meet and discuss career opportunities. The format of the job fair is designed to enable one-to-one conversations between students and company engineers.

Any company sponsoring a table at the luncheon may participate in the job fair. These sponsorships make this student program possible and show that the sponsoring companies care about students. The cost to sponsor a luncheon table is $1,000. Platinum, Gold, and Silver Supporters of the General Meeting also may have luncheon and literature tables at the job fair without additional cost.

To register for a luncheon table where company representatives can sit and talk with students, and then have a literature table during the job fair, contact Erik Henson at 352-333-3443. Companies are asked to commit to sponsoring a luncheon table by signing an agreement and submitting payment by 29th of June. For additional information about the luncheon and job fair please contact Maureen Dalton at 732-465-6622.

Visit the PES General Meeting Website for more information.



Zachary Lee and Joseph Price with Dr. Larry Bland – John Brown University

PES Scholar from the Northeastern University - (L-R) Melissa Healy, Emily Pankosky, Elizabeth Amyouny, Professor Ali Abur, Alyssa Bezreh, Drew HasBrouck, and Sydnee Mizuno.

PES Scholar from the Northeastern University –
(L-R) Melissa Healy, Emily Pankosky, Elizabeth Amyouny, Professor Ali Abur, Alyssa Bezreh, Drew HasBrouck, and Sydnee Mizuno.