Chapters Report – R1

Over the past few months, the Boston PES Chapter has been very much involved in the Local Organizing Committee of the PES General Meeting to be held this Summer in Boston from July 17th to 21st . The Local Organizing Committee is an integral part of the overall organization on the General Meeting. They have arranged a Technical Session on local issues such as Advanced Inverter Functions for Massachusetts Solar Carve-Outs and Renewables Portfolio Standards, technical visits including Eversource Energy Operation Control Center and a large student event. All of this requires a lot of coordination but cannot happen without a large number of volunteers. The Local Organizing Committee is looking for over 200 volunteers to help with the smooth running of this event. If you would like to volunteer please follow the link below and sign up on the volunteers web site. There are a wide range of roles, including welcoming, directing people, assisting with sessions and coordinating. Volunteer shifts are in blocks with a minimum of 4 hours, and volunteers will earn an hour of meeting attendance, excluding paid events such as the tutorials, dinners or receptions, for every hour of volunteer time. Lunch or dinner will be provided for volunteers taking two shifts back to back. You can volunteer for as many shifts as you would like to.

Note: There will be Chapter Chair Training on Sunday 17th July, at the PES GM. Chapter Chairs who have not attended before, or Vice Chairs who will be taking over as Chair next year are strongly encouraged to attend.

Please contact your Region Representative for further details.

Bryan Gwyn