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Obituary: Luciano Zaffanella

Luciano ZaffanellaLuciano Zaffanella, 78, died in Pittsfield, Massachusetts on February 2nd from complications of multiple myeloma.

He was born in Mantova, Italy and attended the Polytechnic University of Milan where he earned a post graduate degree (Dr. EE) in Electrical Engineering. He began his career in Milan at CESI Research Center. Luciano was recruited by General Electric and emigrated to Massachusetts in 1968 for a four year work assignment. He became a permanent resident and eventually a US citizen.

Luciano became a world renowned expert in the study of electro-magnetic fields, becoming Manager of General Electric’s Project UHV in Lenox, a leading research center for high voltage transmission. He spent 28 years at General Electric and continued to manage the lab when it became part of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). He then founded the East Coast office of EnerTech, a leading electric industry consulting firm.

A long time member and contributor to the PES Transmission and Distribution Committee, he was elected an IEEE Fellow in 1981 “for contributions to high-voltage transmission research and development”.

Luciano is survived by his wife of 53 years, a son, and 4 grandchildren.