Jacquline1My name is Jaqueline Cardoso. I was born in a small city and I moved to São Paulo, the biggest city in Brazil for studying. I graduated in the Federal University of ABC (UFABC) ¡n Energy Engineering in December 2013 when I was 22 years. Nowadays, I am a master’s degree student in Electrical Engineering and I own a company called JJ Electrical Engineering. It is a small company that works with projects and installations, energy efficiency, and trainings.

I have been interested in renewable energy sources since graduation. I have studied different kinds of energy and in my master’s degree I chose to research about the wind energy. My goals in the master’s thesis are wind generators and wireless commumications. My reasearch is about wind generators connected to the grid, where the power references is sent through a wireless communucations.

In July 2015, I started JJ Electrical Engineering to work on electrical projects, but the company started partaking in other actives due to demand and market activities. JJ Electrical Engineering does electrical projects and installations in an efficient way while optimizing cost and resources.. JJ also does energy efficiency projects, where we develop projects that decrease the customer’s power/energy consumption. Lastly, we offer trainings in work safety and in Brazilian Technical Standards.

I have been an IEEE volunteer since university. In 2011, I was the vice-Chair of UFABC Student Branch which gave me the opportunity to lead projects and coordinate the group to foster proud activities and branch growth. In 2014, I was the Chair of the PES Student Chapter. The group did technical visits, lectures and handled student actives in the university. In the same year the Student Chapter won the PES High Performing Student Chapter Program Award and Darrel Chong Award. Right now, I am the treasurer of PES Professional Chapter of South Section Brazil, we are working in technical and academic activities aiming the chapter growth and consolidation. Recently, I joined WiP (Women in Power).


Being part of PES is an incredible experience and it helps you become a better person and a better professional. There are different projects, in technical and social areas, where we manage the challenges and difficulties. In these experiences, we have the opportunity to develop many skills such as team work. Another great part of being a PES Volunteer is the personal networking, because in PES we keep in touch with a big team of engineers, executives, academics, grade students and students from all over the world sharing ours ideas and working together.

The mission of PES is to be the leader in providing scientific and engineering knowledge on electric power and energy. PES members are professionals and interested in this field. Joining PES WiP can provide a big boost to your career and bring recognition as a leader. With that, I invited you to be a PES Volunteer and to share your ideas and experiences, let us energize your career!